WEBINAR: Dealing with Difficult Co-workers

Date: March 8, 2018
Time: 12:00 pm until 1:00 pm

Location: Virtual Venue (Online)

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Are work relationships making it hard for you to enjoy your job? A recent Gallup study showed that 62% of participants found that their coworkers cause more stress than their boss. How can you deal with difficult teammates, superiors, even clients?

This webinar will teach you how to leverage coaching skills and effective communication skills to enhance your relationship with any coworker or employee, including difficult teammates or staff members. You will learn valuable coaching tools and techniques such as active listening, how to use powerful questions to change the tone of any conversation, and how to design more effective professional relationships to make them work for you, not against you.

Our presenter, Hallie Crawford, is a certified career coach and national career expert based in Atlanta, GA. Her company, HallieCrawford.com, and team of coaches have helped thousands of people worldwide identify and transition into their dream career. Hallie is regularly featured as a career expert in the media including Forbes.com, The Wall Street Journal, CNN, AJC and Fox Business News. For more information about their services visit www.halliecrawford.com.

Recommended dress for this event: Casual

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