Resources for Researching Careers

To discover what you want to do, the Career Center recommends utilizing a variety of resources.  Be sure to visit What Can I Do with a Major in… for ideas on how UGA students have translated their academic career in the work world.

The following list will guide you through the research process: from gathering information to taking action.

  1. Utilize Online and Print Resources
  2. Talk to Others
    • Conduct informational interviews. Build your network through brief one-on-one conversations with professionals in your career fields of interest. 
    • Attend "Careers in…" panels and hear directly from professionals in various career fields.
    • Join the Student Alumni Association and connect with alums who have converted their academic experience into their professional careers!
  3. Take Action
    • Participate in Intern for a Day. Follow a professional for a day and experience a typical workday. The Career Center has a formal job shadowing program that takes place in the fall and the spring.
    • Complete an internship. Gain extensive knowledge and build your skills set as a way to explore career options.
    • Volunteer in the community and gain skills in an area related to what you may do in the future.
    • Join a club or organization. View the 675+ active organizations at UGA. Get active in professional, service, social, advocacy, and/or honor organizations to gain valuable experience.
    • Seek research projects, presentation, and writing opportunities.