Major Expectations

Select the 3 statements that you feel are most important to you as you move through the process of choosing a major:

□ I am looking for a major that I’ll enjoy.

□ My concerns are practical. I want a major that I can get into, that’s easy (for me), that’s not complicated, and/or that I can finish in the least possible time.

□ I don’t know what I want to do when I graduate. Once I decide on an occupation, I’ll be able to choose my major and plan my educational program.

□ My interests are broad. I want a major with lots of variety and/or flexibility.

□ College might not be for least right now. I’d like to explore other options.

□ I want a major that will be good preparation for graduate or professional school.

□ I really have problems making important decisions. I can’t even decide which of these statements is the most important.

□ I have an occupation in mind. However, I don’t know which major would be appropriate preparation for that occupation.

□ I want to confirm some choices that I’ve made.

Used with permission from Florida State University

Keep these considerations in mind as you move on to Step 2: Learn About Yourself