When learning about career options and exploring different paths, students will benefit immensely from conducting research on employers of interest. This may be accomplished through several different methods:

  • Conduct informational interviews with professionals in your field of interest.
  • Study company websites to learn more about the organization’s values, work environment, products, and career opportunities.
    • Company websites may also have information on internships or the application process.
    • Some companies have pages listing information about their staff, which can tell you about the career paths of their professionals and provide clues about what positions may be available.
  • Utilize LinkedIn
    • Research experienced professionals in your field on LinkedIn.
    • Find individuals who have obtained a position or work for a company that you find interesting.
    • Review their career path and look for common threads or experiences.
    • Learn more at the LinkedIn Learning Center.
  • Access Career Insider powered by the Vault

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