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English is a major branch of the language arts with a primary focus on writing, reading, literature, and speech. Although accurate use of the English language is essential to every college graduate, encountering the humanizing forces of languages and literature is the primary objective for students in this major. An English major will gain skills in critical thinking and articulate self-expression as well as knowledge of English and American Literature, language history and usage, and the critical contexts that help us to interpret our own age as well as others. Although the program encourages breadth and variety, it also offers ample opportunity for intensive study of particular interests, such as linguistics or creative and technical writing. 

Employers Hiring UGA English for the Class of 2016*

A.K. Clarke Editing | Arrow | Athens Montessori School | Best Pick Reports (EBSCO Research LLC) | Buford City School District | CEB Inc. | Centers for Disease Control and Prevention | Cherokee County Schools | Choate Construction Company | College Advising Corps | Craig Apatov | Dixie Canner Company | Ferris Self and Moore | Florida Democratic Party | Golden Pantry Food Stores | Groupon | Gwinnett County Public Schools | Hall County Schools | Horizon Theatre Company | Imagine Better World Education | Insight Global | Lanier Parking Solutions | Lee Distributors | MAC Presents, LLC | Mandala Journal | Media Brokers International, Inc. | Meltwater Group | Muscogee County School District | New English Teaching | Rock Eagle 4-H Center | See.Spark.Go | Stillpoint Literary Magazine at UGA | Talener Group, LLC | Teaching Assistant Program in France | The Navigators | The Sitter Tree | The University of Georgia | The Walt Disney World Resort | The Wright Legal Group, LLC | Trappeze Pub | United Parcel Service | Wesleyan School | Yardi Systems, Inc.

Job Titles of UGA English Majors for the Class of 2016*

Account Coordinator | Account Executive | Associate Driector of Alumni Relations | Associate Technical Account Manager | Business Development Associate | Campus Minister | Carl Vinson Institute of Government Program Coordinator | Clerk | College Adviser | Customer Support Manager | Drama Director | Editor | Editor in Chief | Editorial Assistant/Director's Assistant | English Language Assistant | English Teacher | Environmental Educator | Event Coordinator | Experience Marketing Assistant | Faculty Fellow | Field Organizer | Field Sales Representative | Health Communications Specialist | High School English Teacher | Language Arts Teacher | Law Clerk | Legislative Assistant | Line Cook | Marketing Coordinator | New Business Coordinator | Office Administrator | Photopass Photographer | Playwriting Apprentice | Recruiter | Relationship Manager | Sales Consultant | Senior Editor | Sitter Coordinator | Social Media and Content Marketing | Social Media Specialist and Outreach Coordinator | Special Education Teacher | Substitute Teacher | Teacher | Teaching Assistant for Weekend Academic Programs | Technical Writer/Editor | Video Editor

Graduate/Professional Schools Attended by UGA English Majors for the Class of 2016*

American University | Augusta University | Columbus State University | Georgia State University | Georgia State University-Perimeter College | Mercer University | Pace University | The University of Alabama | The University of Connecticut | The University of Denver | The University of Georgia | Valdosta State University | Vanderbilt University | Washington and Lee University

UGA English Career Outcomes for the Class of 2016*

** Includes Self-Employed

*Source: Areas above marked with an Asterisk (*) have been created utilizing data taken from the UGA Career Outcomes Survey. The "Employers Hiring ..., Job Titles of ..., Career Outcomes for ..., and Graduate Schools Attended By ..." information listed above represent UGA Class of 2014 Graduates. The lists are not exhaustive and therefore do not represent all potential career options. Click here for more detailed Career Outcomes information regarding this major.

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General Information and Strategies

  • A bachelor’s degree in English is very broad and is sufficient for entry level positions in business and industry, as well as in areas such as entertainment, radio and television commentary, and museum work. Because English can lead to many different career paths, it is important to identify an area of interest and be planful about gaining the right skills, experience, and credentials to enter that field.
  • A major in English is also good preparation for continued graduate or professional training in areas such as English, law, political science/government, public administration, communications, religious studies (e.g. seminary).
  • Be proactive, determined, assertive, and confident in order to secure freelance writing opportunities. Writers typically experience many rejections for each piece that is accepted for publication. Save samples of written work to be used for a portfolio. Cultivate other career opportunities in order to supplement a freelance writing income.
  • Obtain additional areas of expertise such as journalism, broadcasting, technical writing, or politics for specialized positions.
  • Conduct informational interviews or shadow professionals in careers of interest to learn more about their jobs.
  • Join relevant professional associations. Attend their conferences and read their journals.


Tip: Join LinkedIn groups that are related to your career interest. To search, select “groups” under the “interests” tab. Also, review the groups that professionals in your field of interest have joined and consider joining them as well.

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