We’re excited to announce that the University of Georgia Career Center has adopted Portfolium, our new digital portfolio network. We’re joining 200+ other colleges and universities in selecting Portfolium, which already serves over 3.5 million students and graduates across all majors. Here’s why we’re so excited about this new initiative:

Your work and projects are undeniable proof of your skills – Portfolium will help you learn and allow you to display the top skills graduate schools and employers want. Portfolium is where you’ll upload your work, projects, presentations and more. The UGA Career Center has pre-loaded your profile to include the top skills graduate schools and employers seek in their candidates. Log-in to your profile to see how you can build your skills!

Deciding where to spend your time and energy on campus can be a strategic decision based on the skills you have and want to develop. By storing all of your accomplishments here, you will be able to track your skill development and take inventory of the skills you would like to develop further. Tracking your skills in Portfolium can help you strategically plan your time at UGA- from your campus involvement to your jobs and internships- so that you have confidence in the skills you’ve acquired during your time at UGA.

Portfolium is fun! Design your profile and begin interacting with your Classmates and Friends. Tag your classmates and friends as connections and teammates on group projects. Be inspired and learn from others across all majors and fields of study. Like and comment on the portfolios of others to show your appreciation for their hard work.

To log-in to your account, follow these 3 steps:

  1. Visit https://uga.portfolium.com 
  2. Enter your myID with @uga.edu.
  3. Ask to have your unique access link resent

To set-up your profile, try these 3 tips:

  1. Visit your “Settings” to personalize your profile, add a non-UGA email for access after graduation, and adjust privacy preferences
  2. Upload your resume to build your profile
  3. Create your first entry!

If you have issues accessing your account, please contact Maggie O’Brien at maggieob@uga.edu.

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