Theatre - Bachelors
Class of 2016

Total Degrees Awarded: 28
Number of Responses: 20
Knowledge/Response Rate: 71%
Post Graduation Status Responses Percentage
Employed Full-Time 9 45%
Self-Employed 0 0%
Attending Graduate School 4 20%
Internships 4 20%
Employed Part-Time 1 5%
Not Seeking 0 %
Seeking 2 10%

Salary Summary
Number Reporting Salary High Low Median Bonus Median
5 48000 25500 45000 *
* denotes less than 4 responses received.

Altman Plants Broadway Across America
Epic Systems Corporation Meltwater Group
SeaWorld T.J. Maxx
The Walt Disney World Resort Turner Broadcasting System, Inc.
* denotes none reported.

Job Titles
Concierge Driver
Front End Associate and Women's Associate Marketing Assistant
Production Coordinator for Cartoon Network Sales Development Representative
Software Test Analyst Stage Manager
* denotes none reported.

Graduate Schools
Central Piedmont Community College Make-up Designory
The University of Georgia
* denotes none reported.