English - Bachelors
Class of 2017

Total Degrees Awarded: 136
Number of Responses: 110
Knowledge/Response Rate: 81%
Post Graduation Status Responses Percentage
Employed Full-Time 58 53%
Self-Employed 2 2%
Attending Graduate School 21 19%
Internships 7 6%
Employed Part-Time 14 13%
Not Seeking 1 1%
Seeking 7 6%

Salary Summary
Number Reporting Salary High Low Median Bonus Median
16 388,000 22,000 37,750 5,500
* denotes less than 4 responses received.

Graduate Schools
Auburn University Brown University
Emory University Georgia College & State University
Georgia Southern University Georgia State University
Los Angeles Mercer University
New York University Savannah College of Art and Design
The Southern New Hampshire University The University of California
The University of Chicago The University of Colorado Denver
The University of Georgia The University of Virginia

* second major column represents/identifies those students who possess a double major.