Educational Psychology - Masters
Class of 2015

Total Graduates: 26
Number of Responses: 24
Knowledge/Response Rate: 92
Post Graduation Status Respondents Percentage
Employed Full-Time 9 38%
Self-Employed 0 0%
Attending Graduate School 12 50%
Internships 0 0%
Employed Part-Time 2 8%
Not Seeking 0 0%
Seeking 1 4%

Salary Summary
Number Reporting Salary High Low Median Bonus Median
* denotes less than 4 responses received.

Barrow County School District Deerfield-Windsor School
DeKalb County School District Florida Gulf Coast University
Gwinnett County Public School District Houston County School District
The University of Central Missouri Walton County School District
* denotes none reported.

Job Titles
Assistant Professor Fourth Grade Teacher
Science Teacher Teacher
* denotes none reported.

Graduate Schools
Brenau University The University of Georgia
* denotes none reported.