Environmental Econ and Mgmt - Bachelors
Class of 2018

Degree offered through the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences

Total Degrees Awarded: 15
Number of Responses: 13
Knowledge/Response Rate: 87%

Post Graduation Status Responses Percentage
Employed Full-Time 4 31%
Self-Employed 0 0%
Attending Graduate School 5 38%
Internship/Postdoc/Residency 2 15%
Employed Part-Time 1 8%
Not Seeking 0 0%
Seeking 1 8%

Salary Summary
Number Reporting Salary High Low Median Bonus Median
3 * * * *
* denotes less than 5 responses received.

Graduate Schools and Programs

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Employers and Position Titles

* second major column represents/identifies those students who possess a double major.

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