Statistics - Bachelor's Degree
Class of 2021

(Degree offered through the Franklin College of Arts and Sciences)

Total Degrees Awarded: 41
Number of Responses: 26
Knowledge/Response Rate: 63%
Post-Graduation Status Responses Percentage
Employed Full-Time 15 58%
Continuing Education 10 38%
Internship/Postdoc/Residency 0 0%
Employed Part-Time 1 4%
Not Seeking 0 0%
Seeking 0 0%

Salary Summary
# Reporting Salary High Salary Low Salary Median Salary # Reporting Bonus Median Bonus
8 76,000 43,000 64,000 3 *
* denotes less than 4 responses received.

Employers and Position Titles

Employer Position Title(s)
BHC Consulting LLC Actuarial Analyst
Credigy Performance Data and Analytics Analyst
Epic Systems Corporation Technical Solutions Engineer
GEICO Product Strategy Analyst
HD Supply Operations Analyst
Mercer Actuarial Analyst
NIMBL, Techedge Group Business Process Analyst
Purchasing Power Data Analyst
Quincy Mutual Insurance Group Actuarial Analyst
Robins Air Force Base Inventory Management Specialist
Senior Life Insurance Company Data Analyst
Siemens Pre-Sales Solution Consultant
United States Coast Guard IT Staff
* If no Employers/Position Titles are displayed, then none were reported for Class of 2021 graduates in this major.

Continuing Education Schools and Programs

School Program(s)
Georgetown University Finance, MS
Georgia Institute of Technology Analytics, MS; Data Analytics, MS
Georgia State University Data Science, MS
University of Georgia Educational Psychology, MA; Educational Psychology, MS; Statistics, MS
University of Texas at Austin Data Science, MS
* If no Continuing Education Schools/Programs are displayed, then none were reported for Class of 2021 graduates in this major.