Anthropology - Bachelors Degree
Class of 2023

Degree offered through the Franklin College of Arts and Sciences

Total Degrees Awarded: 51
Number of Responses: 28
Knowledge/Response Rate: 55%
Post-Graduation Status Responses Percentage
Employed Full-Time 7 25%
Continuing Education 15 54%
Internship/Postdoc/Residency 1 4%
Employed Part-Time 5 18%
Not Seeking 0 0%
Seeking 0 0%

Salary Summary
# Reporting Salary High Salary Low Salary Median Salary # Reporting Bonus Median Bonus
1 * * * 0 *
* denotes less than 4 responses received

Employers and Position Titles

Employer Position Title(s)
Costco Sales Clerk
Georgia Department of Community Affairs Compliance Review Archaeologist
Japanese Exchange Teaching (JET) Programme Assistant Language Teacher (ALT)
Protiviti Technology Strategy Consultant
SEARCH Archaeological Technician
Seneca Resources Technical Recruiter
United States House of Representatives Agricultural Committee Intern
University of Georgia Registrar's Office Data Specialist Manager
* If no employers/position titles are displayed, then none were reported for Class of 2023 graduates in this major.

Continuing Education Schools and Programs

Graduate/Professional School Program(s)
Augusta University Master of Physician Assistant
Colorado State University Anthropology, MA
Georgia State University Anthropology, MA
Liverpool John Moores University Forensic Anthropology, MS
London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine Control of Infectious Diseases, MS
North Carolina State University Anthropology, MA
Southern New Hampshire University Public Health, MPH
University College Dublin Archaeology, MSc
University of Colorado Boulder Anthropology, MA
University of Edinburgh Human Osteoarchaeology, Master's
University of Georgia Anthropology, MA; Nonprofit Management and Leadership, MA; Program and Degree Not Specified
University of Oxford Biodiversity, Conservation, and Management, MS
University of Texas at Austin Biological Anthropology, PhD, MA
* If no continuing education schools/programs are displayed, then none were reported for Class of 2023 graduates in this major.