Veterinary Medicine - Professional Degree
Class of 2023

Degree offered through the College of Veterinary Medicine

Total Degrees Awarded: 115
Number of Responses: 102
Knowledge/Response Rate: 89%
Post-Graduation Status Responses Percentage
Employed Full-Time 78 76%
Continuing Education 3 3%
Internship/Postdoc/Residency 21 21%
Employed Part-Time 0 0%
Not Seeking 0 0%
Seeking 0 0%

Salary Summary
# Reporting Salary High Salary Low Salary Median Salary # Reporting Bonus Median Bonus
58 150,000 33,000 111,000 41 15,000
* denotes less than 4 responses received

Employers and Position Titles

Employer Position Title(s)
Ahwatukee Animal Care Hospital Veterinarian
All Animals Veterinary Hospital Associate Veterinarian
Alliance Animal Health Associate Veterinarian
Animal Hospital of Towne Lake Veterinarian
Animal Medical Center of Cumming Veterinarian
Animal Medical Hospital Associate Veterinarian
Animals R Us Veterinary Clinic Veterinarian
Ansley Animal Clinic Associate Veterinarian
Apalachee River Animal Hospital Veterinarian
Ascent Veterinary Health Associate Veterinarian
Baker Animal Hospital/Equine Associates Associate Veterinarian
Blue Ridge Animal Clinic Veterinarian
BluePearl Pet Hospital Emergency Medicine Veterinarian; Intern; Small Animal Rotating Intern
Butler Creek Animal Hospital Veterinarian
Carolina Equine Clinic Associate Veterinarian
Central Veterinary Hospital Veterinarian
Clairmont Animal Hospital Veterinarian
Colorado State University Intern
Commerce Veterinary Hospital Associate Veterinarian
Conyers Animal Hospital Associate Veterinarian
Cornell University Small Animal Rotating Intern
Country Creek Animal Hospital Associate veterinarian
Dalton Animal Care (South) Associate Veterinarian
Dearborn Animal Hospital Associate Veterinarian
Dogs and Cats Emergency & Specialty Emergency Clinician
Dogwood Veterinary Hospital and Laser Center Veterinarian
Durant Animal Hospital Veterinarian
East End Veterinary Center (NVA Compassion First) Emergency Veterinarian
Emory University Laboratory Animal Resident
Equine Medical Center of Ocala Intern
Foxbank Veterinary Hospital Veterinarian
Friendship Hospital For Animals Small Animal Veterinarian
Good Dog Veterinary Care Veterinarian
Good Shepherd Veterinary Clinic Veterinarian
Governor's Avenue Animal Hospital Associate Veterinarian
Greater Annapolis Veterinary Hospital (GAVH) Associate Veterinarian
Hampden Family Pet Hospital Associate Veterinarian
Heartland Veterinary Partners Veterinarian
Huffard Animal Hospital Associate Veterinarian
Hunter Animal Hospital Veterinarian
Lake City Animal Hospital Veterinarian
Lakeside Animal Hospital Associate Veterinarian
Laurel Veterinary Clinic Veterinarian
Littleton Equine Medical Center Veterinarian
Lowcountry Vets at Old Town Veterinarian
Martin Veterinary Services Associate Veterinarian
MedVet Emergency Medicine Veterinarian
Michigan State University College of Veterinary Medicine Small Animal Rotating Intern
Mission Veterinary Partners Associate Veterinarian; Veterinarian
Mississippi State University Anatomic Pathology Resident
Mount Berry Animal Hospital Associate Veterinarian
Mt. Yonah Animal Hospital Veterinarian
National Veterinary Associates Veterinarian
Newberry Animal Hospital Group Associate Veterinarian
Oceanside Veterinary Clinic Associate Veterinarian
Peachtree Corners Animal Clinic Veterinarian
Peachtree Hills Animal Hospital Associate Veterinarian
Perry Animal Hospital Veterinarian
Pet Emergency and Referral Center Emergency Doctor
Petaluma Equine Intern Veterinarian
Piedmont Equine Practice Intern Veterinarian
Platte Veterinary Clinic Associate Veterinarian
Powers Ferry Animal Hospital Veterinarian
Purdue University Intern Veterinarian; Resident
Quailwood Animal Hospital Associate Veterinarian
Rabun Animal Hospital Associate Veterinarian
Riverstone Animal Hospital Associate Veterinarian
Something Special Animal Acupuncture LLC Veterinarian
Stanford University Resident
Sugar Hill Animal Hospital Veterinarian
The Feline Hospital Associate Veterinarian
Tiny Town Animal Clinic Associate Veterinarian
Treehouse Animal Clinic Associate Veterinarian
University of Florida Specialty Sports Medicine Intern
University of Georgia Anatomic Pathology Resident
University of Minnesota College of Veterinary Medicine Veterinarian
University of Wisconsin Small Animal Rotating Intern
USDA Southeast Poultry Research Laboratory Post Doctoral Fellow
VCA Animal Hospitals Veterinarian
VCA Lilburn Animal Hospital Associate Veterinarian; Staff Veterinarian
VCA Midtown Animal Hospital Associate Veterinarian
VCA Valley Animal Hospital and Emergency Center Small Animal/Exotics Rotating Intern
Veterinary Emergency Group Associate Veterinarian; Emergency Associate Veterinarian; Emergency Doctor
Village Vet of Urbana Veterinarian
Wilkes County Veterinary Services Associate Veterinarian
Woodland Animal Hospital Associate Veterinarian
* If no employers/position titles are displayed, then none were reported for Class of 2023 graduates in this major.

Continuing Education Schools and Programs

Graduate/Professional School Program(s)
The Ohio State University Combined Anatomic Pathology, PhD; Veterinary Public Health, Master’s
University of Georgia Avian Medicine, Master's
* If no continuing education schools/programs are displayed, then none were reported for Class of 2023 graduates in this major.