Alumni Career Services – Job Search Boot Camp

What you'll learn

  • Explore your interests, personality type, and skills to make informed career choices
  • Discover new and potential career possibilities
  • Implement current top job search strategies to expedite the job search process
  • Gain an understanding of what employers look for on your resume and cover letter
  • Understand why networking is an essential part of any job search\
  • Grow your network with tools on LinkedIn and connect with fellow UGA Bulldogs
  • Learn the art of interviewing and how to answer difficult questions
  • Negotiate like a pro with tips and resources on how to get paid what you're worth


  • Computer
  • Printer (helpful)
  • 4-6 hours per week


The University of Georgia now offers a free 4-week course for all UGA alumni to assist them in their job search. Tips and strategies in this course will help alumni understand what employers in today's market are looking for in their new hires.

GET HIRED! - This course will significantly improve your ability to communicate your top skills to employers and get hired.

The workbook includes links to samples, expert advice, and thought-provoking exercises.

Feedback from working with Board Certified Career Coach, Kali DeWald:

Kali Dewald did a wonderful job with both listening and making recommendations. She took almost an extra half hour with me to go over everything. She was extremely helpful, and I am very appreciative of the service, especially since it was several years since I actually graduated from the University of Georgia.

Kali made several helpful recommendations that I am in the process of implementing. I feel much more confident in my job searching capabilities going into the New Year. She is an asset to your staff.

Kali has been extremely helpful and encouraging! I've felt full of clarity and confidence both times I've left her office in the past year.

I very much enjoyed our conversation it was extremely helpful and a relief to have someone be able to give some starting points in my job search. I was then able to send in my resume to get additional help and I will absolutely call back for a mock interview.

Kali introduced me to a plethora of resources that were extremely helpful in my transition back into the work force. She has great ideas and is able to share them simply to the learner. The webinars are on point! This service is phenomenal.

Kali was sooooooo helpful. She made me feel very special and that's just what I needed! She knew her stuff and was passionate about helping others. This service makes me so proud to be a UGA alum.