Alumni Career Services – Job Search/Grad School Boot Camps

The Search Can Be Daunting—We’re Here to Help

The University of Georgia Career Center understands that searching for your next opportunity—whether that be a new job or graduate/professional school—can be a step filled with many questions and subtle nuances. Alumni Career Services now offers two self-paced boot camps, complete with workbooks and resources, designed to address common questions an provide practical tips to prepare you for the road ahead!

UGA Alumni Career Services - Job Search Boot Camp

  • Module One covers Reflection & Assessment (including 2 webinars, Career Assessment, and Values worksheets)
  • Module Two covers Career Exploration & Networking (includes 3 webinars, LinkedIn profile guide, and Networking Challenge)
  • Module Three covers Job Search Strategies & Materials (including 4 webinars and resume samples)
  • Module Four covers Interviews & Salary Negotiation (including 3 webinars, mock interview questions, and salary negotiation guide)

UGA Alumni Career Services - Grad School Boot Camp

  • Module One covers Grad School Basics and understanding Your “Why” (including 2 webinars and practical tips for researching schools)
  • Module Two covers Preparation and Materials (including 5 webinars, guidance on letters of recommendation, writing personal statements, and informational interview questions to ask admissions counselors or students)