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In spite of widespread technologies, platforms, and websites aimed at making it easier to connect job seekers with employers, networking remains the most beneficial method for job searching. In order for your network to be truly effective, it’s important to work on consistently growing and cultivating your network, regardless of your employment status. LinkedIn, career fairs, and professional networking events are all excellent resources. Be sure to utilize the UGA Career Center’s resources and programs to help you build and leverage your network.

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Frequently Asked Questions: Alumni Networking

UGA has several resources to help alumni connect with one another. Find a local chapter of the UGA Alumni Association, and get involved in activities to grow your network. Be sure to leverage the alumni search tool on LinkedIn to locate fellow Bulldogs that share your career interests. Finally, check out our schedule of events and webinars for even more opportunities to network.

We definitely advocate viewing networking as a constant professional endeavor, not just an exercise for job searching. Focus on building meaningful relationships with colleagues and contacts, connect on LinkedIn, and stay in touch. Remember to view networking as a two-way street, and volunteer to help your connections with their careers as well.

We recommend initiating one-on-one conversations with each contact, not sending out an impersonal email blast. Explain your current situation as well as what you’re looking to do next, and ask for your contact’s advice as you begin your next steps. Instead of directly asking for a job or a contact, ask a question like, “I know you have some great experience in this industry – do you have any advice as I begin the application process?” Be polite, positive, and open in your conversations, and be sure to thank the contacts for their advice and expertise. Keep accurate records of who you spoke to, the result of your conversation, and your next steps to stay organized.
The best way to grow your network is to simply get out there! Spend time doing activities that interest you, join organizations, volunteer for your favorite cause, or take a class. You can build professional connections even in “non-professional” settings. If you happen to meet someone who shares your career interests, or works in your desired industry, remember to focus on asking for advice – not a job.