Alumni Career Services: Interviews

Once you have been selected for an interview, you’ll want to start preparing right away. Spend some time reviewing frequently asked questions, thoroughly research the company, and be prepared to talk about your relevant accomplishments. Remember to use Alumni Career Services as your go-to resource as you prepare for your upcoming interview – we’re here to help!

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Frequently Asked Questions: Interviews

Can the Career Center help me prepare for my upcoming interview?

Yes! We can go over interview preparation and best practices with you to help you put your best foot forward. If you’d like to practice answering interview questions, we can conduct a mock interview and give you pointers to improve your answers.

How does the interview process differ for alumni?

You’ll follow the same best practices as you did during your time as a student – research the company, know the job description, prepare questions to ask, and prepare examples of your skills using the STAR method. That said, as you move along your career trajectory, fit becomes even more important. Make sure you thoroughly understand the job description, and be prepared to share your ideas for hitting the ground running immediately upon starting the role.

I have to deliver a presentation during my interview – do you have any tips?

First, be sure that you understand the parameters of the presentation and completely adhere to them. Second, find out who your audience will be so that you can cater your content to that audience. Third, choose technology that you are familiar with so that you’re comfortable using it on the day of your interview. Fourth, allow plenty of time to practice so that you’re confident in your delivery. Fifth, be flexible – adaptability is important in any job, so you may have an opportunity to demonstrate that trait in your interview presentation.

How should I follow up after the interview?

Be sure to send a thank you note or email within 24 hours of your interview. Also, as you’re preparing questions to ask during your interview, be sure to ask “what is your timeline for the hiring process?” Once that timeline has passed, you can follow up again if you have not yet received a response. Send a brief and polite email to your contact to inquire if the position has been filled.