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As you progress through your career, sharpening your salary negotiation skills will prove to be valuable as you seek to increase your earnings. Not only will you negotiate your salary when receiving a job offer from a new organization, but you may also need to use these skills when negotiating a raise or promotion with your current employer. You’ll want to spend some time preparing for these conversations by rehearsing your strategy, and the UGA Career Center can help.

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Frequently Asked Questions: Alumni Salary Negotiation

We do recommend scheduling an appointment with our alumni career services team to help you prepare for your salary negotiation. We can help you talk through your plans, set goals for the conversation, and role-play the negotiation itself. Also, check out our newsletter for webinars and other events that can help you to negotiate your salary.
If at all possible, avoid answering any questions about salary this early in the application process. If the question is required, try entering N/A or “Negotiable” in the field. If you must enter a dollar figure, do some research to find out what a typical salary would be for the position. Some resources to try are,, and Remember that you are not beholden to this salary figure, and you can certainly negotiate further if you receive an offer.
Yes! Depending on the employer, some benefits and perks may be negotiable. For instance, you could ask for more vacation time, a budget for professional development, tuition reimbursement, or even commuting expenses.
First, keep in mind that most employers expect some negotiation when they make a job offer, so you will not be offending anyone by opening the conversation. As long as you keep the conversation polite, professional, and positive, you’ll maintain your stellar reputation with the company.