Diversity and Inclusion Hiring

The University of Georgia Career Center is committed to assisting you with your diversity recruiting efforts! A diversified workforce is important to every industry, and we have provided you with some resources that will assist you with your diversity recruiting needs. If you would like assistance with connecting with UGA’s diverse student populations, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Diversity and Inclusion Recruiting Strategy

We can assist you with developing a plan to effectively recruit students on campus. If you are interested in discussing your diversity recruitment strategy for the University of Georgia, please contact Bethany Mills, Diversity Committee Chair, at bjbagley@uga.edu.

UGA Diversity and Inclusion Profile

Student Demographics: Fall 2018

  • Undergraduate: 29,611
  • Graduate and professional: 9,041
  • Total enrollment: 38,652


  • Women: 22,124
  • Men: 16,451
  • Not Reported: 77

Ethnic Origin

  • American Indian: 42 (less than 1%)
  • Asian: 3,950 (10%)
  • Black/African-American: 3,219 (8%)
  • Hawaiian/Pacific Islander: 25 (less than 1%)
  • Hispanic: 2,121 (5%)
  • Multiracial: 1,447 (3.7%)
  • White: 25,983 (67%)
  • Not Reported: 1,865 (4.8%)

For additional information on UGA student characteristics, visit the UGA Factbook.