Intern for a Day

The Intern For A Day program is a fantastic opportunity for employers, alumni, and parents to allow students a chance to job shadow in potential career fields. Intern For A Day is a one-day voluntary job shadowing experience that can be hosted on-site at your organization or hosted virtually. Students spend time observing and working with employees to gain an understanding of the culture of the organization and its industry.

Virtual Hosting Option
The Intern For A Day program will continue to offer an option to host virtually to increase participation for employers who may find it more beneficial to host in this format. The virtual option will also be helpful for employers outside of the Atlanta and Athens area where student in-person visits are challenging because of travel distance.

Click here to apply to host an Intern for a Day or continue reading below to learn more about the Intern for a Day program.

How do organizations benefit from hosting an intern?

  • A great recruiting tool - Intern For A Day provides you with the opportunity to meet and identify candidates early in the recruiting process.
  • Expose your organization and industry to students - Many students have misconceptions about career fields. They have no idea what a particular career entails... only what they see on T.V. or hear from their friends. Intern For A Day gives students the chance to develop a first-hand understanding and see for themselves.
  • Help a “Dawg” - A great way to give back to the University is with your time and experience. Intern For A Day provides you with an opportunity to make a non-monetary contribution to UGA.
  • No cost - Students are not compensated for time spent with the organization.

What activities are interns involved in when they visit an organization?
Flexibility is the essential aspect of the program. What interns do varies according to the career field, the intern’s interests, and the schedule of the sponsor. Overall, students have observed the day-to-day activities of an organization, toured the facilities, and assisted as they are able and as needed on established projects or short-term activities. Some sample experiences include:

  • Conducting informational interviews with a variety of employees to gain a broad perspective
  • Attending meetings and other functions
  • Preparing reports, spreadsheets, etc.
  • Observing and asking questions
  • Performing general office tasks
  • Assisting with research projects
  • Editing and proofreading

When is the program offered?
Intern For A Day opportunities are available for UGA students in the Fall: Mid-October - early January & Spring: mid March - May

How are students chosen to participate in the Intern For A Day program?
Students attend mandatory orientation sessions, submit their resume and application indicating their interest in the program, preferences, and expectations. Students and hosts are then matched based on their mutual interests and available dates. The Intern For A Day Coordinator emails the matches and contact information to hosts and interns. The host and intern discuss the logistics of the visit, including time, duration, and directions.

How do I host an Intern?
It's easy to get involved in the UGA Career Center Intern For A Day Program!

Click here to fill out and submit the interest form and the Career Center will contact you with further details and instructions.

Additional Information
If you have questions about the program or need additional information, please contact the Career Center at (706) 542-3375.


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