How to Leverage LinkedIn

LinkedIn Alumni Tool

This tool allows you to filter alumni of your university by location, company, industry, and more. To find UGA alumni, search for UGA's LinkedIn profile and select "Alumni" from the menu in the left margin, or go to You can use the graphs or keyword searches to filter alumni by location, company, industry, area of study, and more.


Joining groups is a quick way to build your network on LinkedIn. If you add valuable input to group conversations, you can enhance your professional brand. Access groups by clicking the “Work” box in the upper right corner; then click on the “Groups” icon.

Job Search Tools

There are many ways LinkedIn can support your job search efforts, including job alerts. LinkedIn will also suggest jobs you might be interested in and allow you to save those jobs.

People Search

You can use the LinkedIn search bar to find more people to expand your network. You can search for keywords (such as a job title), and/or apply filters using the dropdown list.

Company Research

Prepare for an upcoming interview by using LinkedIn to learn more about the company and see who you know that works there. Search for the company, follow their page, and learn more about their culture from their posts.

Search Appearances

On your LinkedIn profile, you can now see how many people found you from a LinkedIn search. You can see the companies and job titles of those who found you. Knowing who is searching for you could help you learn who you may want to network with in your job and internship search.

Sample LinkedIn Message

Dear Mr. Jones,

I am currently a senior psychology major at UGA hoping to enter the counseling field. I noticed on your profile that you are also a UGA alumnus with experience in this field. I would love the opportunity to connect with you and learn more about your career path. Thanks!


Samantha Meyer

Pro Tip

Be aware of character limits when sending these personalized LinkedIn connection requests.

Career Center Tips

Need a Professional Photo?
  • Drop by the UGA Career Center to use our free, self-service photo booth.
  • Free professional photos can also be taken during many of our career fairs throughout the year.
  • Have a friend take your photo with their phone in portrait mode. Stand in front of a neutral background or outside.