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Success Stories

Kevin Brinson

Kevin Brinson

Terry College of Business: May 2014

Intern at Deloitte Consulting

Last year, I applied for Deloitte’s NextGen Leadership conference in San Francisco; the process involved several Deloitte sessions and a couple of interviews. Deloitte is the world's largest professional services firm, and they consistently recruit across a variety of service lines at UGA. With help from the Career Center, I was adequately prepared for formal and informal settings involving companies. After successfully getting into the conference, I departed with two other representatives from the state of Georgia. The conference was an amazing experience! I had the opportunity to network with students from all over the country from as far west as UC-Berkley to as far north as Cornell University; in addition, I had the opportunities to meet several professionals across multiple service lines with varied levels of experience.

With training from the Career Center and help from the Director of Terry’s Diversity Relations, Randy Groomes, I felt sufficiently prepared and comfortable in any setting. Following the conference, I was extended an opportunity to interview for a Consulting Internship. This was an amazing opportunity as most Deloitte Consulting interns are MBA students; 2nd year students interning with Deloitte Consulting are extremely rare. The Career Center played a pivotal role in my performance at the conference, and I knew just the place to go back to prepare for my interview for this opportunity! The interview format was different than formats to which I was accustomed; not only did I have to do a behavioral interview, but I had to do two case interviews. Having never been exposed to a case interview, I was a little nervous about the structure and limited time to prepare. Erica Ely, a Terry Career Consultant, exposed me to a wealth of information available to all UGA students through Career Insider powered by the Vault. Additionally, I was taught multiple frameworks of approaching a case interview. I learned that case interviews examined more of one’s thought process than an answer; this specific tip came in handy later. After my actual interview session in Atlanta, I was extended an offer to intern with Deloitte Consulting starting June of 2012.

I credit a large part of my success to the Career Center. Without their help, I would not have been nearly as prepared as I was for multiple business settings. I encourage undergraduate students and graduate students to take full advantage of the wonderful Career Center staff and resources.