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Success Stories

Mary Choi

Mary Choi

Terry College of Business: December 2010

Compensation Consultant at Mercer Consulting

Being a part of the Human Capital team as a compensation consultant allows me to fully utilize specific skills and critical thinking strategies that I learned at UGA. It's truly a blessing to have found a career right up my alley, and better yet, on the first try right out of college. I love my job and the people I work with!

As I recall fall semester, I truly feel I would not have been able to be as successful had I not taken advantage of the plentiful resources provided by the Career Center. Daily flyers around the campus, weekly e-mail subscriptions, and word-of-mouth opened the door to career fairs, specific informational events, on-campus interviews, ECHD 3050, and more. Pushing ahead helped me meet and maintain helpful communication with Erica Walbert since sophomore year when I was accepted into the Terry College of Business as an Economics major. This helped solidify my thoughts of an Economics degree and an early start to understand what the job market looks for in applicants.

I took a few summer classes the three summers of college, and thus, had the opportunity to enroll in ECHD 3050 my senior year. To all students: you must enroll in this class and attempt to get to know the instructor and in return, get to know yourself. ECHD 3050 greatly helped me learn about myself; I initially thought I had everything figured out. With an Economics degree and a secondary emphasis in Statistics, I felt I would fit nicely with insurance as an underwriter or actuary analyst. Then, the world of consulting was suggested and the rest is history. Not only was I able to graduate early, but also found my niche in which I hope to pursue all the great opportunities Mercer has to offer and return the blessings.

Leverage what is out there and you will succeed.