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Success Stories

Robert Culp

Robert Culp

Terry College of Business: May 2012

Investment Banking Summer Analyst at Wells Fargo

This summer, I had two investment banking internships, one at Wells Fargo in New York and another at Harris Williams Co. in Richmond, VA. Investment banking attracted me because it satisfied my interest in finance and also possessed the competitiveness that I love about sports. Many bulge bracket investment banks do not recruit on campus at UGA. Through a student organization named the Corsair Society of UGA, I was put in touch with various UGA alumni in investment banking. The Career Center was a helpful resource when I had any questions about how to interact with alumni in a professional manner.

Investment banking interviews are notoriously known to be some of the most challenging interviews. The Career Center, and particularly Erica Walbert Ely, helped make sure I was well prepared for any interview. After several mock interviews with Erica and the training I received through Corsair, I felt I was ready for any question a banker could throw at me. After a successful recruitment and interviewing process, I decided to intern at Wells Fargo and Harris Williams because of their strong mix of culture and deal activity.

I suggest any student interested in a career in investment banking to use the Career Center as a resource to prepare themselves for the intense and challenging investment banking interview process.