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Amanda Fleming

Amanda Fleming

SPIA & Franklin College: May 2010

Graduate Student at Georgia State University Master of Health Sciences Coordinated Program

During my time at UGA, I loved both of my majors because they afforded me the opportunity to learn 2 languages as well as participate in 2 study abroad programs. I also completed electives in nutrition and food science to further explore my interests, and utilized the resources available at the Career Center. I had my resume critiqued often and attended the interviewing skills workshop to make sure my verbal communication and professional appearance matched the qualifications on my resume. I also checked DawgLink on a regular basis and that’s how I landed my first internship!

I knew that I ultimately wanted to help the less fortunate in community outreach, but I didn't know exactly what that would look like for me. It took a full year of being out of school before I realized how to combine my interests, and which skills I needed in order to achieve my career goals. I ended up spending two years in the workforce before returning to graduate school. I think relevant work, internship, and volunteer experience is invaluable. If you aren't completely sure about what you want to do, take some time off to hone in on your goals and interests and develop skills. Working after college also helps you better appreciate school and the gift of being a student.

I have now entered a graduate program at Georgia State University for a Master's in Dietetics and Nutrition where I will train to become a Registered Dietitian. What I enjoy most about graduate school is the individual attention you receive from faculty in your department. They truly want to see you succeed and will go above and beyond to make that happen. Additionally, the relationships you foster with your classmates will be long-lasting as these will be your colleagues in years to come. My ultimate career goal at this point is to combine my undergraduate and graduate education experiences by working for an organization such as Share Our Strength, helping to bring attention to poverty and hunger.