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DeShaun Harris

DeShaun Harris

Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication: May 2008

Marketing Coordinator at Meredith Corporation

I graduated in the midst of the 2008 recession with the confidence and skills I needed to compete in one of the toughest job markets in the nation - New York City - thanks in large part to relationships I established at UGA. One of those formative connections was with my Career Consultant, Marian Higgins. At a point, she was my guidance counselor, therapist, interview coach and cheerleader rolled into one! Plus, she helped the National Association of Black Journalists student chapter, of which I was an officer, with several career-focused programs. She was definitely a solid sounding board throughout my collegiate career.

Now, I work in marketing at Meredith Corporation – a top national media brand and publisher of Better Homes & Gardens, Fitness, Parents and More. Before that, I helped sell advertising at TV Guide Network. My professional experience thus far has been wonderful. I am in the industry I love. I live in a great city. Plus, I have time to give back to my community, by mentoring high school students near Lincoln Center. Essential to all of this is my degree from The University of Georgia. I’ve continued to use lessons that I learned in the classroom – from great professors like Dr. Janice Hume and Conrad Fink – and those that I learned through extracurricular activities – from staff like Vanessa Smith and Randy Groomes. So, with the Empire State Building outside my office window, I am definitely proud to say that I am a Georgia Bulldawg.