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Success Stories

Judy Insixiengmay

Judy Insixiengmay

Terry College of Business: December 2005

Staff Accountant, Recovery at MedAssets

When I graduated from UGA, I found a great analytical job in the healthcare industry that I enjoyed. However, after a few years, I felt that I needed to find a change. Part of me was afraid to let go of the familiarity of the job as well as the people, and the other part of me was ready to find a new career path and seek new challenges.

I went to the Career Center eager for a new change and direction. The Career Center was always there to guide me along the way, from reviewing and providing tips for a winning resume to giving advice on the next steps. I wanted to take an aptitude test to find a career that "fits" my personality. I knew that the compatible jobs are not set in stone, but I wanted to explore new potential opportunities that I was not considering in my search. The Career Center helped me filter through some of the answers as well as proposed other avenues of career searches like different search engines, networking, and doing plenty of homework/research. Careerbeam is a great tool that allows me (and other UGA alumni) to input and save answers and even help make decisions on whether to stay at one job or to move on. The Career Center has provided great support in helping me move forward in my career.