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Success Stories

Patrick Klibanoff

Patrick Klibanoff

Terry College & SPIA: May 2014

Intern at the United States Senate

This summer, I had the amazing opportunity to serve as an intern for United States Senator Saxby Chambliss. Senator Chambliss spends most of his time in Washington, DC, but as a Senator serving the entire state of Georgia, he has regional offices across the state. I was fortunate enough to serve as an intern in his Atlanta office. During my first year of college at UGA, I had been told by countless individuals that freshmen could not receive internships after their first year, but these doubts from others made me even more determined to find one for the summer. My participation in many organizations at UGA gave me the necessary involvement, passion, qualifications and experience to receive this internship.

I spent a lot of my time working with constituents, helping organize and process their requests so that the Senator and his Staff could help resolve their issue. I was amazed at the number of issues Senator Chambliss was able to consider and solve. Senator Chambliss additionally gives nominations to students to receive appointments from the United States Service Academies and I had the pleasure of helping organize and plan a brunch with the Senator to recognize Georgia students attending a Service Academy.

I was able to attend events in the State Capital Building along with Chambliss' Regional Representatives, acting on Senator Chambliss' behalf. With all the important legislation that occurs in Washington DC, I received calls each day from constituents expressing their opinion and concern. I really enjoyed speaking with constituents and organizing their concerns for the Senator.

Being an intern for Senator Chambliss gave me the opportunity to grow immensely as an individual. Throughout the course of my internship, I developed into a more mature individual, qualified to interact and excel in a professional environment. This internship helped expand my knowledge and understanding of the Federal Government and the complex, day-to-day operations that occur behind the scenes. This internship gave me a greater appreciation for the men and women that serve in Congress and the amazing things they do. Additionally, this internship helped me discover more about myself. It helped target and identify specific fields and industries that interest me as a career in the future.