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Success Stories

Taiye Oladipo

Taiye Oladipo

College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences: May 2009

Master of Public Health student at Florida International University

I am really thankful to have had— and still have— access to a dedicated Career Center at UGA. It’s a privilege to have such an avenue that is so dedicated to see students excelling beyond the classroom in preparation for their ultimate career. One of the main benefits that I enjoy about the Career Center is DAWGlink, which gave me the opportunity to search for jobs after I completed my degree. I uploaded resumes and was contacted by potential employers. I got to a point where I really wanted to go to graduate school to study something related to my undergraduate major—Food Science—but also broad enough that I could also apply it to something else.

I chose to pursue a Masters in Public Health because I always had an interest in disease prevention at the population level and I could always apply it to food science in terms of food safety. I discovered the makingthedifference.org website through our Career Center and I have landed an internship with the National Institutes of Health (NIH) this summer due to my exploration of this website and a booklet from the Career Center on landing a job in the federal government. I remember consulting with Christie Sanders on several occasions about different avenues I could take and I really want to thank her for opening my mind to a world of endless opportunities.

Long term, I hope to have a career at the CDC, FDA, USDA, or NIH!