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Mallory Roman

Mallory Roman

Franklin College & the College of Family and Consumer Sciences: May 2011

Lab Manager at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Sloan School of Management

At UGA, I was a double major in Psychology and Fashion Merchandising with an interest in the social psychological motivations of consumers. I had the privilege of conducting an independent study about the social approval motivations of participating in popular fashion trends on UGA's campus. I also worked in the Infant Research Laboratory to gain research experience for graduate school. After graduating, I was having a difficult time finding a job with my specific interests, so I met with a couple of UGA Career Center Consultants who looked over my resume and helped me package my unique skills to highlight my strengths. A couple of weeks later, I found a listing on the Society for Personality and Social Psychology Listserv that advertised a position as a lab manager in the Sloan School of Management at MIT. I applied, interviewed and got the job!

I began in September and am doing the interdisciplinary research that I trained for at UGA. I work closely with a professor in the Management Sciences program who conducts research about social psychological factors that influence consumer behavior. I get to meet with some of the most influential researchers in psychology and marketing, assist in designing studies, design and administer study materials, manage a group of research assistants and analyze data. The research experience and knowledge of psychology principles that I gained at UGA has proven to be invaluable in my job and has helped me engage with senior researchers in a professional dialogue. Every day, I am able to apply my knowledge of psychology and marketing/merchandising while gaining valuable experience for graduate school.