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Success Stories

Sarah Shelnutt

Sarah Shelnutt

College of Public Health: May 2012

Spring 2012 Health and Wellness Counseling Intern at Gainesville State College

I just can't thank my Career Consultant, Christie Sanders, enough for her time and advice. She assisted me with my resume construction and a mock interview. Both prepared me for an upcoming interview I had for a college health and wellness internship at Gainesville State College.

On the big day, I sat down with 2 supervisors in an office. They asked many of the same questions Christie did during our mock interview. It was so relieving to already have an answer prepared. They said I was the perfect fit and even asked if I could begin working with them that fall instead of spring! My new supervisor said the whole point of the interview was basically to get to know my personality. She said verbatim "Well, Sarah, you have a dazzling personality and your resume is nonparallel... I'm actually hoping we can convince you to work for us instead of the other way around!" They said that my skills would be tremendously beneficial and they wanted me to get started right away if I was available… long story short, I had a fantastic spring internship with GSC!

They even hired me as a part-time wellness staff member during the summer. In August, I graduated with my Master's in Public Health and from there I accepted a full-time position as a Health Coach for UGA's Workplace Health Group. I am now working on a research project funded by the National Institute of Health called Fuel Your Life (FYL). The goal of FYL is to help people eat better, get more physical activity, and better manage their weight. I love my job and can't wait until the program's implementation in the spring when I will begin coaching participants to better health and an improved quality of life!