What is a Virtual Career Fair?

At a Handshake virtual career fair, students can learn about employers and share their profile in intimate group sessions or get 1:1 facetime with recruiters—all from their browser or Handshake’s mobile app. Each employer will be able to schedule the following during each virtual career fair:

  • 30-minute group meetings that accommodate up to 50 participants each. Multiple recruiters can attend, talk with students, and share their screen.
  • 10-minute 1:1 meetings with students hosted by up to 100 recruiters. Each recruiter can set their own schedule and choose qualifications students must meet to attend.

Each employer can have up to 100 company representatives participate.

Employers will be able to see profiles and public resumes, as well as message the students they engage at the fair, making it easy to prepare for and follow up on all of their sessions.

Students and employers will have access to video, audio, and text-based chat during these meetings, enabling the personal connection of in-person fairs in a virtual, accessible setting. Employers are also able to host group and 1:1 sessions externally, using an audio-video platform of their choice.

Get Registered

Visit https://career.uga.edu/hireuga/events to view all upcoming virtual fairs and recruiting events and get registration details.

Create Your Schedule

  • Until you create a schedule, students will not be able to sign up to meet with you.
  • The Schedule Owner is the only one who can create and edit the overall company schedule. This role will default to the individual who registered for the fair. If you need to change the designated Schedule Owner, please follow these directions.
  • Creating Your Schedule: Step-by-Step
    • From the career fair page, click on the gray “Add Sessions” button to be taken to the Create Schedule page. Click the checkbox next to each team member that will be representing your company at the fair. You can select up to 100 representatives to attend.
      • If you need to add a teammate not already in the system, please click on “Add Teammate Manually”. Your colleague will receive an email to activate their account.
    • Add group sessions. These will be 30 minute sessions that will be open to up to 50 attendees max (including employer team members). If you’d like to expand the number of attendees, you are welcome to use an external video platform of your choice.
      • Fill in session details, including name, description, how many team members will host the event, and a dropdown of time slots during the fair. We recommend choosing a catchy, yet clear, title and description to attract your target student audience.
      • As you’re adding sessions, be sure to build in breaks for team members as needed.
      • Assign added group sessions to specific team members.
    • Add 1:1 sessions. These will be 10 minute sessions for individual company representatives to meet with individual students for video conversations.
      • You’ll be asked to add 1:1 sessions per team member.
      • We recommend directing team members to add their division/recruiting area to their title via User Settings so students can choose 1:1 sessions accordingly.
      • You will have the opportunity to add qualification requirements (e.g. GPA, graduation date, etc.) to 1:1 sessions. Students that do not meet these qualifications will not be able to sign up for your sessions. We recommend using these sparingly to increase the diversity of candidates with whom you will meet.
  • Once you’ve set your schedule, each individual representative will need to log in and claim their schedule in order to participate in the fair. They should receive an email prompting them to do so when you create the schedule. You’ll also have an option to re-send this email as needed. You can learn more about this step here.
  • Watch this 9-minute video on creating your virtual fair schedule.

Prepare for the Fair

  • Encourage student sign-ups
    • Employers will not be able to invite students directly to their schedules – students are responsible for signing up for all sessions. For this reason, the sooner a schedule is created and teammates claim their individual schedules, the better, as this allows students to sign up with your organization.
    • To track current student sign-ups, check out the Schedule tab from the career fair page.
    • We recommend searching for and messaging students to encourage them to sign up for sessions with your organization.
    • Use catchy and clear group session titles and descriptions to encourage students to register. Encourage your company representatives to add a descriptive Position Title to their Handshake profile as this will show up when students are signing up for sessions.
  • Ensure your technology is functioning properly

What to Expect

  • Navigate to launch fair sessions 
    • From the fair page, select the Sessions tab
    • You’ll be able to “Launch Video” for upcoming sessions by clicking the blue button
      • Employer representatives are able to launch sessions up to 60 minutes before the scheduled session time to ensure audio and video are working properly. Students can join up to 5 minutes before.
    • From the “Launch Video” page, adjust your audio and video as desired, and then select “Join Now”
  • In-session options
    • Individual sessions
      • Students’ screensharing: Select “Settings” and “Participants” for the option to allow participants to share their screen
    • Group sessions
      • Students’ audio and video
        • Audio and video are automatically disabled when group sessions exceed 15+ participants to preserve audio, video, and screensharing quality
        • To allow students to turn on audio and video when asking questions, select the hand icon in the upper right corner and allow participants to “raise their hand”
        • When you call on a student with a raised hand by selecting “Call on participant”, they will be able to turn on their audio and video to ask a question. When they are done asking their question, you can select “End turn”.
      • Host screensharing
        • Select the computer monitor icon in the top right corner to select screensharing options
  • Watch this 5-minute video on hosting virtual fair sessions.

After the Fair

  • Using the RSVPs tab on the career fair page you may follow up with fair participants.
    • Send Messages - You will be able to send unlimited messages to all students that signed up for sessions with your organization.
    • Download Resumes – You can download resumes of any students with whom you met for 1:1 sessions.
      • If a student resume is missing it’s possible the student has not designated their resume as Public on their Handshake profile.
      • If a student has signed up for your session and cancelled, their resume will be removed from your RSVPs list.
  • For step-by-step details and screenshots of the follow-up process, visit this page.

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