The UGA Career Center truly values our relationship with our recruiters and are available to offer assistance as you navigate this new environment. We want to reassure you that we will continue to provide a high-level of service and support as you continue to recruit UGA students for full-time jobs and internships. Please note the following recruiting options now offered through the UGA Career Center.

In-Person Interviews

This service provides the opportunity for employers to post a position, preview candidates’ resumes, select qualified candidates, and arrange to interview candidates at The University of Georgia Career Center. We provide a professional atmosphere with 12 private interview rooms for you to meet individually with candidates to discuss full-time and internship positions. The prime recruiting seasons run from September through November and February through April.

Virtual Interviews

This service provides the opportunity for employers to post a position, preview candidates’ resumes, and arrange to individually interview candidates via the virtual platform of your choice. As with a typical pre-select Interview Schedule, you will select the date you wish to conduct your interviews. When selecting “Requested Room Count” you are selecting how many interview schedules you would like to host on that date. If for any reason a date shows no available “rooms”, please do not hesitate to reach out so that we may add more Virtual Rooms on that date to accommodate your needs. Requests will be approved as quickly as possible.

Want to learn more? Contact our Recruiting Coordinator, Debi Grayson.

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Interview Schedule Types:

Pre-select to Alternate Interview Schedule --- This schedule type allows you the option of previewing interested candidates’ resumes and offering your preferred (and alternate candidates) the ability to select an interview time via an online sign up.

Room Only Reservation --- This schedule type allows you to reserve one or more of our interview rooms to interview candidates with whom you have already made contact. Once your date request is approved, contact your candidates to set individual interview times. You may also choose “Room Only” to request a greeting room in conjunction with your interview rooms.