Engage Students

UGA Employer of the Day

This engagement opportunity allows employers to connect with students in the Tate Student Center, a central location for students.

Resume Critiques and Mock Interviews

We host special Resume Critique and Mock Interview Days throughout the year to help students prepare for the recruiting process. During these events, employer volunteers have an opportunity to interact one-on-one with students and provide useful feedback.

Presentations, Panel Discussions, and Student Organizations

To better prepare students, the UGA Career Center offers over 30 “Arch Ready” programs and panel discussions each semester averaging 60 students per event. Employers have an opportunity to present or co-present on a wide variety of career-related topics. In addition, the UGA Career Center can help facilitate connections to over 700 student clubs and organizations.

Intern for A Day

Intern for A Day, a voluntary job shadowing experience, allows students to spend time observing employees to gain understanding of the culture, organization, and industry.

Career Site Visits

Career Site Visits provide students with the opportunity to visit with several companies, learn about career opportunities, and get a first-hand look at company culture. We typically have a group of around 30-40 students and spend 1-2 hours at each location. Past visits have included company tours, employee panel discussions, networking sessions, and formal recruiting presentations.

Social Media

The UGA Career Center has a strong national reputation for its social media presence. With the highest number of followers on Instagram and Twitter of any college career center in the country, your content will gain broad exposure among our students and alumni. Social media engagement may include an opportunity to contribute to the UGA Career Center blog or take over the UGA Career Center Instagram Story for a day.