UGA has launched a new Micro-Internship program to provide employers with short-term, project-based help from current students and recent graduates. Micro-Internships make it easier than ever to get support on professional tasks that may not be the best use time for you or your colleagues.

What is a Micro-Internship? 
Micro-Internships are short-term, project-based assignments offered by organizations virtually. Projects can take anywhere from one week to a few months to complete and usually range from 5 to 40 hours of work. Projects are designed to be completed year-round and students are usually paid a fixed fee. Micro internships provide a scalable way for employers to engage with talent and students to get hands-on experience. 

A micro-internship connects companies to students and alumni by engaging in meaningful work that benefits both the company and the candidate. Micro-internships allow companies to get projects completed while simultaneously sourcing talent for future, full-time opportunities. Employers can experience a candidate’s skills and work ethic to begin building their talent pipeline. Micro-internships can complement existing recruiting efforts by appealing to candidates who might not be able to complete a traditional internship or be ready for a full-time opportunity. 

Benefits of Hosting Micro-Internships 

  • Enhance your pipeline of highly motivated talent 
  • Provide opportunities to diverse candidates 
  • Improve hiring effectiveness 
  • Address resource needs with on-demand support 
  • Evaluate candidates to ensure mutual fit 
  • Reduce new hire attrition 
  • Support students’ experiential learning and career readiness


How to Host Micro-Internships 
The University of Georgia connects employers and candidates to micro-internship opportunities through the Parker Dewey* platform. Follow these easy steps to get started:  

  • Create an account in less than five minutes** 
  • Post projects for which you are seeking help 
  • Wait for UGA candidates to apply 
  • Select the best UGA candidate(s) for the project 

*There is no onboarding cost to your company with Parker Dewey 
**All projects posted through Parker Dewey are required to be paid


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