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Are You Arch Ready?

At the University of Georgia, The Arch is an important symbol. It represents UGA’s time-honored traditions and stands as the boundary between campus and the professional world. At the UGA Career Center, we want to make sure that every student is ready to succeed once they leave campus. Being “Arch Ready” means being prepared for life after graduation.

At its core, the Arch Ready Professionalism Certificate is designed to develop a strong sense of professionalism in students. In that light, we ask students to respect the following guidelines when attending an Arch Ready event:

  • Refrain from using laptops or mobile devices unless specifically guided to do so by the presenter. This is especially important during employer panels.
  • Arrive early and stay for the entire presentation or event. Students who leave early will not receive credit for attending.
  • Be mindful of your clothing choice. While we understand the casual nature of college attire and want to be inclusive of all students, we ask that you dress in a respectful way. Jeans and a nice shirt are acceptable, but please refrain from arriving in athletic clothing or pajamas.
  • If you are attending an Arch Ready event for class credit, you may take a picture of the first or final slide as proof of your attendance. The Career Center staff and guest speakers will not take selfies.

  • Note: Check-in for each event will begin promptly 20 minutes before the scheduled start time and will end at the beginning of the event. If a student is late and unable to sign in before the start of a program, he/she will not receive credit toward their certificate for that event.

"What’s in it for me?"

The Arch Ready Certificate program covers a wide range of professional development topics, ranging from resume writing and interviewing to choosing a major and pursuing your dream job.

Aside from enhancing your professional skills, Arch Ready Certificate recipients also receive:

  • A formal printed “Arch Ready” certificate
  • A UGA lapel pin

ArchReady Programs

More Arch Ready Programs

Obtaining the Arch Ready Certificate

In order to support the professional development of UGA students, the Career Center offers an “Arch Ready Certificate” program each semester. Obtaining the certificate is easy!

  1. Attend 5 or more eligible events each semester. Eligible events are listed in the UGA Career Center calendar (at left). Additional presentations may be offered that are related to your college – see the full list of Arch Ready presentations for college specific listings!

    Need help keeping up with how many Arch Ready events you have attended? Click the button below to download our "Self Tracker" PDF

    Arch Ready Program Self-Tracker

  2. Scan in to each event with your UGA ID Card. You may not scan in if you arrive after the event has started.

  3. At the end of the presentation, you will be given a special code to complete a quick form to confirm your participation and to receive credit for attending. You cannot complete a form on behalf of a friend.

  4. Complete a brief assessment after each presentation. You may be instructed to submit an assessment before you leave the presentation, or the survey link may be emailed to you after the event.
    * Please note: Assessments will not be distributed for the college specific events (i.e. Terry, FACS, and College of Education).

  5. After attending 5 or more events, click here to complete the final Arch Ready survey by Tuesday, April 28th at 11:59pm. A UGA Career Center staff member will verify your attendance and contact you prior to finals to confirm your completion of the program.

  6. Pick up your Arch Ready Certificate and lapel pin. You will receive an email with instructions on where and when to pick up your certificate.

Ready to Complete the Certificate?

If you have attended 5 or more eligible events, please complete the final Arch Ready survey using the button/link below:

Complete the Final Arch Ready Survey

*Please note that this survey is required to receive the certificate. All students must submit their results by November 25th.

Frequently Asked Questions

We cannot make any substitutions for this program due to the large number of participating students. However, there may be additional events that count toward the certificate – visit the Career Center's online "Arch Ready Programs" calendar to learn more.

Each student will be responsible for tracking their progress towards attending presentations and completing the Arch Ready certificate. The Career Center staff will NOT be able to provide you with a summary of presentations you have attended.

If you have questions, you may send an email to archready@uga.edu.