Are you Arch Ready?

The Arch represents UGA’s time-honored traditions and the boundary between campus and the professional world. At the UGA Career Center, we want to equip students to succeed in their career development journey of choosing a major, building relationships with employers, applying to graduate school, and much more. Being “Arch Ready” means being prepared for life after graduation.

This semester, we are offering both in-person and virtual Arch Ready Programs, which will be indicated via our event calendar on the Career Center website or through Handshake. All virtual programs will be conducted either through Zoom Webinar or Zoom Meeting, and can be accessed through Handshake, so be sure to log into the Handshake event on the day/time of the program.

The Arch Ready Professionalism Certificate is designed to develop a strong sense of professionalism in students. In that light, we ask students to respect the following guidelines when attending an Arch Ready event:

  • Join the workshop on time and stay for the entire presentation or event. Students who show up more than 5 minutes late will not receive credit for attending.
  • Be mindful of your professional brand on Zoom. While we understand the casual nature of online learning, we encourage you to display a professional profile picture on your Zoom account or dress in a respectful way should you leave your camera on. For in-person events, consider how you would like to present yourself to a potential new contact (employer or alumni).
  • If you are attending an Arch Ready event for class credit, you may take a screenshot of the first or final slide as proof of your attendance.