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Our services are designed to not only assist our students but to also assist faculty in your teaching and advising roles. If you are interested in requesting programming, please view our staff directory at and contact your college or major-specific Career Consultant.

Don't Cancel Class Program

If you cannot be present for a lecture, avoid canceling the class by inviting the Career Center to provide a career development presentation while you're out.

View our staff directory and connect with your college-specific Career Consultant to coordinate

Career Center Liaison Model

We have a Career Consultant aligned to each college and school to assist faculty with classroom presentations, employer engagement, and career development programming.

Get to know your college or major-specific Career Consultant

Career Assessments for Academic and Career Planning Courses

We offer group career assessment facilitation for students exploring majors and careers.

If you are interested in learning more about offering career assessments in class, please send an email inquiry to for us to review your request or view our staff directory and connect with your college-specific Career Consultant.

Request a Presentation

If you would like to schedule a guest speaker, or if you are planning to miss a day of class, we can help! Common presentation topics include Career Center Overview, Resume Writing & Cover Letters, Interviewing, and other topics customized for your class.

View our staff directory and connect with your college-specific Career Consultant via email to coordinate. When reaching out, please include potential dates, times and topics for your class in your email.

Report Career Outcomes for a Graduate of Your School/College

We want to make sure your school/college is well represented in UGA's career outcomes data. You may learn more about the Career Outcomes Initiative, as well as how the employment data that you provide supports the University of Georgia and it's misson, here.

Report a Career Outcome

eLC Career Development Modules

To assist with the integration of career development within the classroom, the UGA Career Center provides modules that UGA faculty and instructors can request for eLC courses. Each module presents online resources, informational videos, and potential action items in a self-paced format that does not interfere with existing course materials.

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