Career Development Internship (CDI) Program

The Career Development Internship (CDI) program is a year-long paid internship experience right here on campus for undergraduate students at the University of Georgia. These interns assist the Career Center in serving UGA students, alumni and employers.

The “career development” aspect of this internship is two-fold: on one hand, CDIs learn how to help other students with their career needs through assisting with drop-in hours and office-wide events; on the other, they personally gain career development with the help of Career Center staff through weekly team meetings, one-on-one meetings with their supervisor, and one-on-one meetings with their assigned staff mentor. CDIs will also be assigned projects that fit their interest areas and areas where they’d like to develop skills.

No prior experience in career services is necessary. Before CDis start with us, we provide in-depth training on what they need to know to get started working with students beginning in the Fall semester.  Overall, we’re seeking interns who are problem-solvers, who want to help fellow students, and who are ready to work hard to help provide the best services to our students that we can offer.  

We value diversity on our intern team and encourage candidates of all majors to apply. A range of perspectives will strengthen our intern team’s ability to serve all University of Georgia students. 

Why consider joining the CDI team?

  • Paid 10-12 hour/week internship for an entire academic year right here on the UGA campus
  • Eligible opportunity for the Experiential Learning credit to meet the EL requirement
  • All majors welcome and encouraged!
  • In-depth initial training, continued training, and daily learning opportunities
  • Hands-on experience and the opportunity to take ownership of a wide variety of in-office projects, based on your own skills, interests, and desired skill-sets - practice the skills you're learning in your major and/or need for your desired field
  • Opportunity to contribute new and innovative ideas (and see them implemented)
  • Networking opportunities with employers and alumni 
  • Development of leadership, professionalism, communication, creativity, and presentation skills 
  • Establish a mentor/mentee relationship with one of our Career Consultants to focus on your own career development - work with and for people who care about your development!
  • Potential leadership opportunity, Senior CDI position, for returning in subsequent years contingent upon performance during first year in internship