Displayed below are quotes from the nomination letters of this year's Top 100 Student Employees at the University of Georgia (listed alphabetically by last name).

  • Yeaeun Ahn

    She is self sufficient and an excellent problem solver, grasping new tasks and technology with with just one training.

    Sharon Cohen
    Executive & Professional Programs

  • Nevada Allison

    We are lucky to have her, and I cannot think of anyone more deserving to be recognized for their excellence than Nevada.

    Nathan Toburen
    UGA Golf Course

  • Carly Anderson

    Carly goes above and beyond her job to ensure customers have the best experience from the moment they walk through the shop doors.

    Rusty Gay
    Golf (Auxiliary)

  • Brenton Bailey

    Brenton cares deeply about every worker in the building, and takes it upon himself to train the staff the most efficient way of doing tasks to ensure their success.

    Sarah Nelson

  • Ajaylae Banks

    She is very quick to grasp needs, takes initiative to develop new strategies, and is very accurate in her grading and recording of homework.

    Debra Mohnen
    Complex Carbohydrate Research Center

  • Jordan Barker

    She handles every single project perfectly and even helps come up with creative solutions that we have not tried before.

    Brittany Hulsey
    Dining Services- Bolton

  • Miranda Barr

    She is always willing to go to great lengths to assist me in keeping the laboratory safe for all our students, by being alert to potentially unsafe practices and situations due to improper use of materials or equipment.

    Margie Paz

  • Ivette Barrera

    Among her many strengths is the ability to forge lasting, productive working relationships within organizations and institution.

    Rosa Arroyo Driggers
    Undergraduate Admissions

  • Emily Bauer

    She demonstrates leadership, commitment and initiative through her dedication to her education, the Terry Ambassador program, and her work responsibilities.

    Kim Smith
    Terry College Undergraduate Student Services

  • Caroline Bell

    Caroline’s positive energy and ability to listen and coach students in creating their resumes makes students feel comfortable and confident in reaching their career aspirations.

    Alex Edwards
    UGA Career Center

  • Logan Bilcik

    Logan excels in detail-oriented jobs, often asking pointed, well thought out questions demonstrating that he is thinking about his assignments, not just going through the motions.

    Sarah Jaworski
    Academic Affairs, College of Veterinary Medicine

  • Erin Blount

    She shows great leadership skills when helping train other orderlies in the hospital and is currently serving as our Lead Orderly in the hospital.

    Jessica Whitehead
    Veterinary Teaching Hospital

  • Gabriel Brickner

    Most importantly though, she demonstrates a level of professionalism and reliability that I have rarely seen in my nearly 14 years as a former corporate executive.

    Andrew Potter
    Office of University Experiential Learning

  • Austin Bryan

    Because of his independence, proficiency, and efficiency, we are able to offer fast turnaround times and keep rates low so that graduate students, undergraduate students, and faculty both within and outside UGA can get the analyses they need for their research projects, courses, and scientific papers.

    Sarah Jantzi
    VPR-CAIS (380 or H1000170)

  • Isabella Budwig

    Bella is the first person we rely on and look to if we need a task completed and she completes it with no hesitation and to the fullest.

    Felicia Turner
    Womens Volleyball

  • Amber Bullard

    I am confident Amber will be an amazing public servant in the field of Public Health when she graduates from the University of Georgia.

    Kristin Bryant
    UHC Health Promotion

  • Amber Bullock

    She embodies a humble confidence and quiet professionalism that comforts and eases those around her.

    Naomi Sidlow
    Campus Catering

  • Annalyn Butler

    Anna has been a huge attribute to not only myself, but also the university because she has helped perform the land grants commitment of teaching, outreach and research.

    Kaleb Marchant
    Animal and Dairy Science

  • LeBria Casher

    She is intuitive and perceptive and understands the complexities of what we are as a journal and our impact in the literary world.

    Gerald Maa
    The Georgia Review

  • Valery Cepeda

    Her efficiency and timeliness leads to her completing her weekly worklist well in advance.

    Deborah Elder
    Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Sciences

  • Ernest Coley

    Ernest is trusted to complete tasks with the efficiency of a full time worker in his roll as a culinary.

    Molly Clark
    Dining Services

  • Matthew Corn

    During his time in the lab, Mr. Corn quickly established himself as a detailed oriented researcher whose attention to detail enabled him to become one of the most efficient cloners in the laboratory.

    Zachary Reneer
    Infectious Diseases

  • Bryan Cruz

    He understands our processes so well to where we can rely on him to train new student employees in any of the Student Proctor job responsibilities.

    Jimmy Lim
    Disability Resource Center

  • Jenna Dallow

    She has so much patience and helps the children understand how to resolve conflicts and disagreements.

    Dina Treff
    Human Development and Family Science

  • Erika Daniel

    Her dedication to her work is evident in the many wonderful things she has done for the Career Center from the marketing materials she has created to the smile she has greeted employers with during the many career fairs we have; she’s one in a million.

    MarKeicha Dickens
    Career Center

  • Olivia Dingle

    She has a great manner about her when she delegates tasks, and she is always quick to jump in and help.

    Marty Mullis
    Marty Mullis

  • Trent Dunahoo

    The coaches and players are never in a compromised position because Trent is always a step ahead.

    David Dantes
    Athletics - Volleyball

  • Madeline Eason

    Her professionalism and cheery greeting both on the phone and in-person was often the first impression that visitors had of the IoG, and we couldn’t have asked for a better ambassador.

    Kerstin Emerson
    Institute of Gerontology

  • Katherine (Katie) Ebbert

    We are confident in Katie's ability to put her burgeoning social change values to work toward making a positive impact in the personal, professional, and educational settings she occupies now and in the future.

    Anneliese Singh
    Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

  • Erica Peyton Etheridge

    She has developed a great rapport with the students she works with and is making an impact on their learning.

    Hallie Williamson
    CCSD Howard B Stroud Elementary

  • Sarah Frazer

    To say that Sarah is one of the best student workers I’ve ever met or worked with would be an understatement as she is so much more to me, our rehab service, and the UGA Veterinary Teaching Hospital.

    Jodi Seidel

  • Sophia Galu

    Sienna takes it upon herself to provide exceptional support and service to faculty, staff, and other graduate students working with CLASE, always cheerful and willing to assist in whatever may be asked of her.

    Mason Black
    Greek Life

  • Emily Garner

    She quickly became the leader to her group by consistently arriving to work on time and showing her teammates new and innovative ways to work recruitment events.

    Whitney Jones
    Warnell School of Forestry and Natural Resources

  • Lindsey Claire Gay

    Claire consistently demonstrates a level of maturity and responsibility unparalleled to other undergraduate students.

    C. Joaquin Caceres
    Population health, poultry diagnostic and research center

  • Anaya Gibson

    She has a natural energy that communicates enthusiasm for her work and is a great ambassador for the Miller Learning Center.

    Sandra Riggs
    Zell Miller Learning Center

  • Blake Ginn

    His kindness and good nature towards all that he interacts with, make him a valued member of our team and wonderful steward for the University of Georgia.

    Amber Juncker
    College of Engineering

  • Braxton Griffin

    Because of his abilities, he has become one of the most trusted drivers among all of our student drivers.

    Jeff Arthur
    Campus Transit

  • Jordyn Gulle

    She is an independent thinker, but most importantly, she is a valuable team-player who is willing to go above and beyond what is requested of her to ensure community and program needs are met.

    Rosanna Cruz-Bibb
    Archway Partnership

  • Wesley Hamilton

    I know I wouldn’t be able to create the atmosphere I am so proud of for our patrons if she wasn’t part of my team!

    Miranda Wilson
    UGA Performing Arts Center

  • Sydney Hau

    In sum, Ms. Hau has been enthusiastic, pleasant, and efficient in her work for my program, requiring little explicit instruction or direction.

    Timothy Gupton
    Romance Languages

  • Garrison Hefner

    Garrison has surpassed all of our expectations for a student employee and challenges his peers in all measures of student employment.

    David Tollett
    Transportation and Parking Services

  • Eliza Hembree

    Eliza excels in her role and maintains one of the highest levels of productivity and high standard for quality and accuracy.

    Prisca Zaccaria
    Research & Prospect Management

  • Gillian Herbert

    Gillian impressed us by her enthusiasm for all parts of her work, her strong work ethic and efficiency, attention to detail, technical skills, and intelligent questions.

    Kristina Meichner
    Department of Pathology, College of Veterinary Medicine

  • Kyndra Higgins

    Ms. Higggins’ work always exceeds expectations, and I am impressed with her insight, drive, and ability to see opportunities for helping my students, and me, whenever possible.

    Tim Foutz
    School of Environmental, Ciivil, Agricultural and Mechanical Engineering

  • Sarah Hollifield

    In addition to performing her job at an exemplary level, Sarah demonstrates an extraordinary commitment to her university community as well as to the general public.

    Sarah Cramer
    Division of Academic Enhancement

  • Kaylen Hoover

    She holds herself and her fellow supervisors to a very high standard, subsequently elevating their level of performance across the board.

    Ryan Burke
    Dining Services- Bolton

  • Lindsay Hummel

    The consensus among the students was that Lindsay was a rock star, and they felt confident and relaxed that their hard work was in good hands with Lindsay.

    Jill Beyette
    Plant Biology

  • Samantha Jackson

    Samantha completes this work in an outstanding manner, using her own initiative, and without oversight.

    Robert Findly
    Infectious Diseases

  • Parker Jamieson

    Mr. Jamieson has not only shown the ability to quickly learn these techniques, but he is also able to teach less experienced undergraduate students these same techniques.

    Zachary Reneer
    Infectious Diseases

  • Ariyah Jones

    Ariyah perfectly balances taking initiative and thinking critically to solve problems with knowing when and how to ask questions.

    Theresa Wright
    Carl Vinson Institue of Government

  • Sienna Joseph

    Sienna takes it upon herself to provide exceptional support and service to faculty, staff, and other graduate students working with CLASE, always cheerful and willing to assist in whatever may be asked of her.

    Paula Mellom
    Center for Latino Achievement and Success in Education (CLASE)

  • Haley Kasnic

    Her drive and initiative produces creative solutions often before issues even arise.

    Kelly Cona
    UGA Center for Continuing Education and Hotel

  • Michelle Kim

    Not only is she an excellent representative of UGA, she is vital to my job of keeping the Chapel running smoothly by offering new perspectives on how to improve day-to-day operations.

    Dennis Sisko

  • Sadie Lackey

    Her ability to rise above the conflict and see they were not upset with her, but rather with the process, and immediately solve the problem, demonstrated an incredible level of professionalism that will serve her well as she graduates and moves into the workplace.

    Faith Peppers

  • Jade Ledford

    She is very knowledgeable in a multitude of areas and remains calm in the most stressful of situations.

    Amber Tweebeeke
    Foods and Nutrition

  • Ayiesha Lee Fajobi

    Her work as a tutor yields results and her initiative to go beyond what is asked of her makes her a true asset.

    Casey Emmett
    Office of Student Financial Aid

  • Margaret Lemons

    Of the approximately 35 veterinary students and 15 undergraduate students that have worked in my lab over the past eight years, Meg is THE MOST responsible, organized, intellectually curious and astute student I have encountered.

    Kelsey Hart
    Large Animal Medicine

  • Katrina Lengsavath

    Katrina is the first to alert management—and to propose a solution to the managers that is often very thoughtful, showing her understanding of both operations and the needs of our food service workers.

    Tyler Webb
    Dining Services- Bolton

  • Avery Lumsden

    It is clear that her values drive her work, sharing a love for student development and environmental conservation with everyone she interacts with.

    Dave Rector
    Recreational Sports

  • Jyoti Makhijani

    I have been impressed with her professionalism when working with students and employers as well as collaborative projects with other Career Center staff member

    Whitney Prescott
    Career Center

  • Elijah Mason

    His ability to work with anyone in a professional manner and helpful spirit serves the UGA Career Center in ways that stretch well beyond the job description.

    Toria Carter
    Career Center

  • Sami McCabe

    Her good cheer, naturally helpful demeanor, and attention to detail contributes significantly to a consistent level of quality in our services and spaces.

    Katherine Wilson
    Zell Miller Learning Center

  • Dejuana McDaniel

    She is pleasant to work with and makes the entire workplace a more enjoyable environment to be in.

    Marian Arnold
    Criminal Justice Studies

  • Emmy McDougald

    Our team trusts Emmy to not only fulfill day to day needs related to processing and finance, but she also provides valuable feedback to our team that leads to improvements in program operations.

    Emily Boness
    J.W. Fanning Institute for Leadership Development

  • Kayla McElreath

    Although her duties are not glamorous and are behind the scenes, she has provided a significantly unique contribution to making the campus a safer place for students, faculty, staff, and visitors.

    Thomas Duke
    Auxiliary Services

  • Thomas McGuire

    He has earned the trust and respect of all FMD engineers, and as such, is being allowed to take on the responsibility of making field surveys and inspections on his own to gather necessary information and data for engineering projects.

    Harold Patterson
    FMD Engineering

  • Griffin McNamara

    Griffin shows professional respect where it is due, is prompt and reliable, and a true asset to our office.

    Kat Farlowe
    Social Work

  • Ashlyn Mills

    Ashlyn constantly asks questions, brings new ideas to the table, and is never stagnant in her role.

    Lauren Schuster
    Recreational Sports, Outdoor Recreation

  • Liam Monast

    Liam has a positive presence that helps uplift and encourage our student workers while they are here at Bolton.

    Paige Kunzer
    Dining Services - Bolton

  • Meghan O'Keefe

    Meghan’s ability to make students feel at ease, to follow, to feel motivated and inspired is a rare gift.

    Alex Spektor
    Germanic and Slavic

  • Nosayaba Okungbowa

    I appreciate that Nosayaba not only can get a job done well but uses her creativity to do it better.

    Alyssa Johnson
    Office of Global Engagement

  • Tyler Ortel

    Tyler has made significant contributions not only to our department but to the larger historical record.

    Callie Holmes
    Brown Media Archives, UGA Libraries

  • Rishika Pandey

    Rishika had been with the Career Center for a short time, but she already had made a difference collecting our Career Outcomes Data.

    Vassi Deltcheva
    Career Centre

  • Jennifer Peña

    What sets Jennifer apart is her ability to treat her role not just as a student employee but a pseudo-professional staff member in our office.

    Ben Cecil
    International Student Life

  • Samaneh Pourhassan

    I cannot think of a student more deserving of recognition for her dedication to her job and for making going above and beyond the call of duty seem ordinary.

    Szilvia Somodi
    Law Library

  • Stephanie Rehberg

    Stephanie’s contributions have allowed us to grow and prosper in new domains, and I am immensely grateful to her for her eagerness and enthusiasm.

    Ashley Townsend
    College of Pharmacy Office of the Dean

  • Elizabeth Richmond

    Beth is a quiet leader and sets an example that we would like for all our student employees to follow.

    Sheila Davis
    Office of the President

  • Allison (Allie) Robbins

    Allie is extremely dedicated to serving all UGA students and ensuring they understand the purpose the UGA Career Center serves within their collegiate journey.

    Marla Ebert
    UGA Career Center

  • Tevon Roberts

    He brings an amazing amount of energy and positivity to the workplace every minute of his shift.

    Brett Szczepanski
    Marketing & Communications

  • Sam Robinson

    Sam always ensure that work is done to the utmost quality, and plays a heavy role in setting new routes on our indoor climbing wall, as well as setting the example for how a climbing wall employee should act.

    Ryan Edwards
    Recreational Sports

  • Cynthia Roby

    Cynthia started working at the UGA challenge course at the beginning of her freshman year, and since day one she has brought excitement and genuine happiness to our staff.

    Anderson Felt
    Recreational Sports

  • Daniela Rodriguez

    Not only does Dani contribute by working hard, she also brings a positive attitude and works well with other students, cooks and management.

    Ellie Hansen
    Dining Services

  • Eliza Sarazua

    She demonstrates degrees of wisdom, reliability, planning, professionalism and initiative of a person well beyond her years.

    India Barfield
    Dining Services

  • Lauren Schuster

    She is a mentor to many of the students and encourages them to explore new ideas and take on additional responsibilities.

    Cathy Stedman
    Recreational Sports

  • Nikita Sharma

    Her transferable skills including communication, teamwork and intercultural competency add to her professionalism.

    Camille Liverpool
    Career Center

  • Shreyas Shetty

    Right from the start, Shreyas threw himself into learning not only his job responsibilities, but learning and understanding an entirely new culture.

    Nikki Davis
    Dining Services

  • Courtney Smith

    In Dining Services, you must have the ability to multitask and keep your composure in stressful situations, which Courtney exemplifies. In her short time at Snelling, Courtney has earned a reputation for her ability to operate any station and complete every task assigned to her.

    Joann Ellstein
    Dining Services

  • Megan Stauss

    Megan demonstrates intelligence, good judgment, and great attention to detail in completing tasks.

    Brenda Cude
    Financial Planning, Housing and Consumer Economics

  • Taylor Stevens

    We’re very fortunate to have selected Taylor among the large applicant pool for this role as her professionalism and excellent work ethic are a great fit for our busy research administration office.

    Paula McIntyre

  • Samantha Summers

    Sam dove right in, displaying a level of motivation and independence that is rare even in the best of people.

    Christopher Carter
    Office of Research

  • Lui Suzuki-Williams

    Mr. Suzuki-Williams’ work has been phenomenal, and he experiences no issues picking up the protocol concepts.

    Zachary Reneer
    Infectious Diseases

  • Mary Logan Tostenson

    Every faculty member who works with Mary Logan describes her attention to detail as extraordinary.

    Allison Fortner
    Agricultural Leadership, Education and Communication

  • Ubong Udom

    Ubong joined our team late this year, but that has in no way stopped him from going above and beyond in every task that he completes for his position.

    Macon Betts
    University Housing

  • Danisha Walker

    Danisha truly is a team player and loves to engage with her classmates and external audiences with UGA. Our office would not be the same without her.

    Michelle Versfeld
    Corporate and Foundation Relations

  • Madison Walker

    He has an incredible work ethic and serves as a great role model to both our other student workers as well as the many students, youth, and adults who utilize the facility.

    Marrissa Blackwell
    Animal and Dairy Science Department

  • Talia Welch

    In addition to performing her job at an exemplary level, Talia demonstrates an extraordinary commitment to her university community as well as to the general public.

    Jacob Jordan

  • Patricia Wetherly

    Overall, Patricia has done a tremendous job, and the FAMACHA program has run practically seamlessly under her administrative oversight.

    Ray Kaplan
    Infectious Diseases

  • Allison White

    Allie is reliable and fully understands that projects in the office would be less efficient without her commitment to do an outstanding job.

    Sam Pittard
    Auxiliary Services

  • Jake Williams

    He is energetic, detail-oriented, self-motivated, and has a strong desire to provide great customer service and represents CAES professionally to all constituencies across the college and academe.

    Pam Cummins
    College of Agricultural & Environmental Sciences Academic Affairs

  • Carlee Wooddell

    I have been able to rely on her to prioritize correctly and communicate effectively with both clients and our team on what exactly needs to happen to complete projects on time.

    Patrick Turpin
    Print & Copy Services

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