UGA Student Employee of the Year Awards

During the second full week in April each year, the University of Georgia Career Center, along with our co-sponsor, the Division of Student Affairs, proudly presents the prestigious Student Employee of the Year award. The Career Center’s awards ceremony coincides with National Student Employment Week, a week devoted to honoring students who are working while attending college. UGA honors the top 100 students this year through an award certificate, the top 3 students with plaques, and includes our brand new team award presented to a group of students who work closely together.

Each year, the competition to honor our incredible students is decided by a 10-12 member committee of staff, faculty, and students from across campus. Nomination letters are read and graded on specific criteria. There are approximately 5,000 on-campus student employees and placing in the top 100 is always competitive. We are happy to announce our winners below. Congratulations to all of our student winners. Your dedication and hard work make UGA an amazing campus!

Student Employee of the Year Team Award 2020

During their tenures, Parker Jamieson, Lui Suzuki-Williams, and Matthew Corn, became an invaluable part of our influenza research group. Their eagerness to learn experiments, scientific concepts, and communication skills to assist their graduate research mentors and the lab in general was extremely evident and unique. In doing so, each student developed an exceptional understanding of their individual projects and provided irreplaceable assistance towards the goal of developing a universal influenza vaccine.

- Nominator: Mr. Zachary Reneer
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Student Employee of the Year Team Award winners - Parker Jamieson, Lui Suzuki-Williams, and Matthew Corn
Parker Jamieson, Lui Suzuki-Williams, and Matthew Corn

First Place

Student Employee of the Year - first place winner - Tyler Ortel
Tyler Ortel - Brown Media Archives, UGA Libraries

"Tyler has worked in the Walter J. Brown Media Archives since Summer 2018, and over the past two years he has brought enthusiasm, knowledge, and expert-level technical skills to the department. Tyler was hired as a student audiovisual technician to assist with digitizing our collections."

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Second Place

Student Employee of the Year - second place winner - Kayla McElreath
Kayla McElreath - Auxiliary Services

"As a director for almost thirteen years at the university, in an organization that employs hundreds of student workers every year, I have observed the performance of many students. I cannot think of any student who has had more positive impact on the campus community than Kayla. Although her duties are not glamorous and are..."

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Third Place

Student Employee of the Year - third place winner - Margaret Lemons
Meg Lemons - Large Animal Medicine

"Meg impressed immediately with her poise, intelligence, and initiative. Of the approximately 35 veterinary students and 15 undergraduate students that have worked in my lab over the past eight years, Meg is THE MOST responsible, organized, intellectually curious and astute student I have encountered."

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The following quote is an excerpt from the nomination letter of one of this year's Top 100 Student Employees at the University of Georgia. Click here to view a quote for each of the Top 100 Student Employees.

Elizabeth Richmond

Beth is a quiet leader and sets an example that we would like for all our student employees to follow.

Sheila Davis
Office of the President