University of Georgia Mentor Program

Who We Are

The UGA Mentor Ambassador Program is a year-long leadership experience for undergraduate, graduate, or professional students at the University of Georgia. As a non-credit, Experiential Learning opportunity, Ambassadors of the UGA Mentor Program provide student leaders the opportunity to foster a culture of mentorship at UGA by developing programming, partnerships, and marketing strategies that bring heightened awareness to the UGA Mentor Program while cultivating student’s servant-leadership skills, innovative ideas, and commitment to the UGA Mentor Program.

Mission Statement

The Ambassadors of the UGA Mentor Program are committed to advancing the mentoring relationship between students and alumni by creating inclusive and welcoming opportunities for all students at UGA. Ambassadors share their authenticity, different backgrounds, and stories in hopes of empowering others to step outside their comfort zones and seek meaningful relationships with alumni. Ambassadors are dedicated to working in a respectful, loving, creative, and collaborative environment.

What’s the Commitment?

Ambassadors of the UGA Mentor Program are expected to attend monthly general body meetings as well as committee meetings. In addition to attending at least two meetings a month, Ambassadors are expected to participate in mentee orientations, help organize and staff events, attend speaking engagements across campus or with key stakeholders, and share their mentoring stories through marketing and social media efforts.

Meet the Ambassadors of the UGA Mentor Program

UGA Mentor Program Ambassador Payton Aussin
Payton Aussin, Director of Special Programming & Events
Payton Aussin, from Alpharetta, GA, is a fourth-year, transfer student majoring in electrical engineering. She loves the UGA Mentor Program because it gives her the opportunity to speak to people who have been in her shoes before. Payton’s advice for anyone considering joining the program is that there is nothing to lose from joining, only to gain!

UGA Mentor Program Ambassador Frankie Barnes
Frankie Barnes
From Rougemont, North Carolina, Frankie Barnes is an out-of-state, fourth-year student studying public relations. She loves the UGA Mentor Program because it has given her the opportunity to meet helpful and fantastic people in her field of study that she would have not otherwise been able to meet. Frankie urges students to participate in the UGA Mentor Program experience because it gives you a once in a lifetime chance to connect with someone in your future career field that you already have something in common with in a low pressure environment.

UGA Mentor Program Ambassador Kyla Edwards
Kyla Edwards
From Suwanee, GA, Kyla Edwards is a senior studying computer science. Kyle loves that the UGA Mentor Program has so many mentors that it provides students with an opportunity to get different outlooks on how each person navigated their college experience. Kyla’s advice for students exploring the UGA Mentor Program is “go for it because the only negative outcome would be missing your shot at a lifetime mentor.”

UGA Mentor Program Ambassador Sara Ervin
Sara Ervin
Sara Ervin is from Commerce, GA and is a nontraditional, third-year Ph.D student who works full-time. Sara studies mass communication and public relations. She loves the UGA Mentor Program because it has a large number of mentors that will fit any unique combination of needs. If you are considering joining the UGA Mentor Program, Sara says “this is a life-changing program, and the skills, both soft and hard, that you will gain with a mentor are truly priceless and can be used for the rest of your life.”

UGA Mentor Program Ambassador Grace Fawcett
Grace Fawcett
Grace Fawcett is a fourth-year at UGA, majoring in biology, from Gainesville, GA. Grace loves the UGA Mentor Program because it offers students new opportunities and connections that build their knowledge and confidence. She highly recommends participating in the program because "building a mentoring relationship is an impactful experience that can easily fit into a busy student's schedule!"

UGA Mentor Program Ambassador Emily Goncalves
Emily Goncalves
Emily Goncalves is a fourth-year, public relations major with a minor in administration and management from Cumming, GA. Emily loves the UGA Mentor Program because it connects her with ambitious people that genuinely want to be helpful. Her advise to students considering participating in the UGA Mentor Program is to join! “The mentorship experience is an unbelievable resource that can and will provide guidance for your future.”

UGA Mentor Program Ambassador Elena Griggs
Elena Griggs

Elena Griggs is from Blairesville, GA. She is a fourth-year studying management with an operations and supply chain emphasis and a Spanish minor. She loves the UGA Mentor Program because it provides students a chance to speak with many alumni who are established in their field of work andallows her to translate what she earns in the classroom to real life scenarios. Elena encourages students to join the UGA Mentor Program because “connecting with a mentor will help you find your place at UGA, prepare you for life post-graduation, and they will become a trusting and friendly guide to assist you in your collegiate journey.”

UGA Mentor Program Ambassador Kevin Nwogu
Kevin Nwogu, Director of Internal Relations & Professional Development
Kevin Nwogu is a fourth-year student from Stone Mountain, GA majoring in management with a minor in leadership in student affairs. Kevin loves that the UGA Mentor Program is for any and everyone no matter your background or what you are looking for. His advice to students considering to join the UGA Mentor Program is to tailor the experience to you—from finding a mentor to time commitment. Kevin loves that this is a transformational and impactful program!

UGA Mentor Program Ambassador Mahi Patel
Mahi Patel
From Dallas, GA, Mahi Patel is a junior majoring in international affairs. She loves the UGA Mentor Program because as a first-generation student, it has allowed her to seek guidance and find a sense of community while learning to navigate life in college. She recommends anyone considering participating in the program to join because you can make long-lasting, meaningful connections with the UGA alumni mentors.

UGA Mentor Program Ambassador Bella Sci
Bella Sci
Bella Sci is from Roswell, GA and a fourth-year, transfer student studying advertisement. What Bella likes most about the UGA Mentor Program is the ability to connect with alumni and hear how they got their start. She recommends joining the program because it gives you the ability to get insight into your future career field from someone who has experience.

UGA Mentor Program Ambassador Savannah Scott
Savannah Scott
From Columbus, GA, Savannah Scott is a third-year majoring in marketing and international business. Savannah’s advice to students considering joining the UGA Mentor Program is to do it! “It’s low commitment and you still get tremendous benefits.” Savannah loves the UGA Mentor Program because it gives you the opportunity to connect with professionals in your anticipated career field without having the personal connections to get there.

UGA Mentor Program Ambassador Nikita Shah
Nikita Shah
Nikita is a third-year, biology major from Lawrenceville, GA. What she likes most about the UGA Mentor Program is that she was able to receive reliable advice about her future from someone who has achieved what she is working towards. Nikita believes that a mentor is one of the greatest things to have in order to further your future—it’s some who can advise you and support your goals.

Request Ambassadors for an Event

If you are faculty or staff and it would be helpful for an Ambassador of the UGA Mentor Program to volunteer to speak about the UGA Mentor Program and their experience at your event or in your class, you can submit an online request. Please allow at least two week’s notice when requesting student leader volunteers.

Apply to be an Ambassador of the UGA Mentor Program

Applications to become a 2022-2023 UGA Mentor Program Ambassador will open in February.

If you have questions about the application process or the Ambassadors of the UGA Mentor Program, please contact Destiny Loyd.