International Student Employment FAQ

If you are an international student at the University of Georgia, you may have specific questions relating to your job search. Below you will find answers to common questions about international student employment.

Can I work on Campus?

With an F-1 Visa, you can work on campus for a limited number of hours without prior authorization.

With a J-1 Visa, you can work on campus, but must request authorization from UGA Immigration Services.

What is CPT (Curricular Practical Training)?

CPT is temporary work authorization available for students on F-1 visas. CPT must be tied to an academic requirement or course. Eligibility includes being enrolled at UGA for one academic year prior to application and you must have an offer first. Applications are free and processed by UGA Immigration Services.

What is OPT (Optional Practical Training)?

OPT is temporary work authorization available for students on F-1 visas. OPT is most commonly used after graduation. Training does not need to be tied to an academic course, but it must be directly related to your field of study. You have one year of eligibility for OPT. Those in STEM fields can apply for an additional 24 months of eligibility. Applications are $410 and are processed by USCIS. Please contact UGA Immigration Services before applying.

Where can I work on a J-1 visa?

With a J-1 visa, you may apply to work on campus. UGA Immigration Services will authorize all on-campus work. To work after graduation, you may apply for Academic Training. You must have a job offer and the length of time eligible for Academic Training is based on the length of time of your academic program. Applications are processed through Immigration Services.

How do I answer “work authorization” questions on applications?

If you are eligible for OPT/CPT/Academic Training but have not yet been granted that status, you should say that you do not currently have authorization to work in the U.S. You can use your cover letter or a conversation with the employer to explain your current status.

Where can I find a list of companies who sponsor H1B?

You can find this information at and

Apply for work authorization on and visit for more information.

Career Center Tips


Interstride is an interactive tool designed for international students to enhance their employment potential. The platform consists of job-listings, hiring trends, H1B information, self-assessments, and immigration advice. Login to Interstride today using your UGA MyID and password at

On Interstride, click on the "Visa Insights" tool to see a list of companies in your field who have recently filed H1B petitions. This information can help you determine which companies to target.

DiversityInc Top Employers

Each year, DiversityInc releases a list of the top companies for diversity in categories including: Global Diversity, Workers with Disabilities, and LGBT. Check out the list at

Additional Resources

On our Career Center homepage, ask Bark Bot: “What are some resources for international students?” to find more.