Marketing Your Part-Time Work

Below are examples of jobs UGA students might have during college, along with examples of strong bullet point descriptions. Note that the descriptions include not only specific tasks and responsibilities, but also skills gained. Remember to tailor your resume and highlight transferable skills relevant to the job for which you are applying.

Click/tap the examples below to view their sample descriptions.

  • Ensured the safety, health, and welfare of 4 children ages 5 to 11 every day after school.
  • Organized safe, fun, and educational activities such as visits to the park and artistic crafts.
  • Provided daily transportation to and from school.
  • Supported learning by explaining homework and walking through problems together.

  • Completed administrative tasks such as ___ and ___ in a fast-paced environment.
  • Handled a daily revenue average of $ __.
  • Engaged customers with a friendly and helpful attitude when providing product recommendations.
  • Effectively utilized company-specific point-ofsale system.
  • Processed returns and purchases of $2,000+ with cash, credit cards, and gift cards.
  • Increased product knowledge and sales experience by working in different areas of the store.

  • Observed for 60 hours at Animal Medical Hospital, viewing blood draws, dental surgeries, intubation/extubation, x-rays, and ultrasounds.
  • Shadowed a physician assistant in pediatrics to learn about patient/parent interactions, the diagnostic process, and patient health education.
  • Gained knowledge about surgery as a medical specialty by observing 170+ patient contacts through making rounds and 40+ minimally invasive surgical procedures.

  • Provided 15 hours of service per semester to elderly residents through the Meals on Wheels program.
  • Designed and distributed program brochures to 100+ residents in the community.
  • Trained 15 new volunteers in the proper care of animals, including grooming and exercising techniques.

  • Maintained lawns for 12 clients per week.
  • Manicured customers’ lawns and tailored services to please individual customer expectations.
  • Promoted additional lawn care services through flyers, emails, and calls to obtain new customers.
  • Managed weekly schedules for up to 4 people.

  • Tutored 10 undergraduate students in __, __, __, and __.
  • Monitored student progress and provided candid feedback.
  • Incorporated simple and straightforward language to effectively convey complex concepts.
  • Developed detailed examples and tutorial exercises to increase student understanding and retention of material.

  • Effectively performed multiple tasks such as ___, ___, and ___ within a fast-paced environment.
  • Managed guest relation issues such as complaints, recommendations, and accommodation requests.
  • Handled a daily revenue averaging $__.
  • Focused on proper safety procedures for preparation and storage of food.
  • Recommended nightly specials to customers and enhanced sales by 10%.
  • Maintained approximately #__ hours per week while enrolled as a full-time student.

  • Maintained safety for an average of 100+ swimmers daily.
  • Certified to perform emergency techniques for the safety of all guests.
  • Participated on a team of 6 staff members.
  • Taught daily, hour-long swim lessons to individuals and groups of children ages #__to #__.
  • Obtained Red Cross CPR certification.

  • Checked identification of 75+ customers per night to verify age requirements for purchase of alcohol.
  • Attended to bar patrons while simultaneously communicating with servers to fill bar and restaurant drink orders.
  • Served as bartender for private parties and functions.
  • Trained 8 new bartenders and servers on computerized cash register ordering system.

Pro Tip for "Student Worker/Intern/Part-Time Worker" Positions

Use descriptive titles for the roles listed on your resume. For example, try “Accounting Intern” rather than “Intern”, or try “Office Assistant” rather than “Student Worker”.