Guidehouse: A Career Conversation with Nelli Minor

What motivated you to join Guidehouse?
My decision to join Guidehouse was primarily driven by the potential to make meaningful contributions towards solving the intricate challenges encountered by our clients. Additionally, the organization appealed to me because it offers a continuous learning environment that allows one to develop a broad skillset and build relationships through vast networks of professionals.

How does Guidehouse convey to employees a sense of belonging?
One of the ways Guidehouse fosters a sense of belonging is through our Inclusion and Diversity Networks. Our Inclusion and Diversity community includes the Pan-Asian, Black, LatinX, OPEN-LGBTQA, Veteran Affinity, Women’s, and Young Professionals Networks. These networks are a fantastic way to network, educate and learn from others and cultivate valuable connections with colleagues.

In what ways has Guidehouse supported your professional development and growth?
There are several ways that Guidehouse has supported my professional development and growth such as Internal trainings, Career Planning and Goal Setting and Mentorship Programs. In my personal experience, mentorship has played a pivotal role in facilitating my professional advancement and maturation. I am fortunate to benefit from the mentorship of several exceptional individuals who provide me with valuable guidance, critical feedback, and opportunities to learn from their professional expertise. Through their support, I have been able to develop newfound confidence and enhance my abilities in various areas.

In what ways are you supported in maintaining a healthy work-life balance?
I am supported in maintaining a healthy work-life balance through wellness programs and flexible work arrangements. Additionally, the recognition of the significance of taking time off to recharge and renew is acknowledged by the organization.

How do you know that you’re making a difference/having an impact with the work that you do?
I know I am making a positive impact based on achieving desired outcomes for our clients. Becoming a trusted advisor is a motivating experience that pushes you to frequently self-reflect and strive towards reaching the epitome of personal excellence.

What makes you proud to represent Guidehouse?
I genuinely believe in our mission to solve big problems, build trust in society, and empower our clients to shape the future. It is incredibly gratifying and exciting to feel and know that I am making an impact on a broader scale.

In what ways do you feel like you’ve grown since working for Guidehouse?
I believe my experiences at Guidehouse have pushed me out of my comfort zone. One of my favorite quotes is “Growth and Comfort cannot co-exist.” It should be noted that all individuals initiate their journey as inexperienced novices; however, through the gradual progression of time, amplified exposure, and refined experience, one has the potential to elevate to the status of a subject matter expert.

What do you wish you had known about the professional world when you were a student?
As a student, I would have appreciated prior knowledge that career paths do not necessarily follow a linear trajectory. During the journey, certain stops albeit unconventional can offer valuable knowledge and insights.

In thinking about emerging young professionals, what advice would you share to those seeking their first opportunities?
Trust your instincts and pursue your interests. Our professional commitments consume a significant portion of our time. Finding joy in your work is crucial, as is being in a workplace environment that fosters a sense of belonging and provides the necessary resources to set you up for success.

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