How to Make the Most of Your Internship

Internships can be crucial to securing full-time positions and launching your career. But more importantly, internships allow you to “test-drive” different career opportunities and find that perfect fit for you.

The takeaway from your internship is a direct result of what you put into the internship. The following tips are ways to make the most of your internship and impress your employer.

  1. Be Professional
    From dressing appropriately and arriving on time, to staying focused and taking your work seriously, being professional is the most vital. Don’t forget that an internship is an extended job interview, and the employer is evaluating you for a potential full-time position.
  2. Find a Mentor
    Find someone in the office you can learn from, someone who can share tips and tricks about working in that organization. People love to help their new colleagues, and they’ll be flattered you’re interested in their experiences and asking them for advice.
  3. Take Initiative
    Always search for answers to your questions before asking your manager or co-workers. Many employers have internal resources that are a great place to learn more about the company and its functions.
  4. Ask for Feedback
    Set up lunches or coffee breaks with your manager to sit down and assess your progress. Ask questions like: “What can I do better?,” “Is there anything else I should be doing?” And always thank them for their time and feedback.
  5. Network
    Put yourself out there and make meaningful connections with co-workers. You never know what you’ll learn or who you’ll make a great connection with and always follow up with those connections via LinkedIn. It’s important to connect with fellow employees professionally, but interacting with them in social settings is also imperative. Try to attend social work functions like philanthropy events, happy hours and team dinners.  

Sometimes doing what’s required of you isn’t always enough to set yourself apart as an intern. Taking these extra steps can give you an edge and maximize your internship experience.

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