Mansfield Oil: A Career Conversation with Dawn Pierce

What motivated you to join Mansfield Energy?
I joined Mansfield in 2013 and was drawn in by Mansfield’s philanthropy.  Upon doing my research of the company, I came across several videos regarding their hurricane relief efforts and fundraising for the MDA and was impressed by what the company was doing to support the communities they worked in.  After joining Mansfield, I discovered that was just the tip of the iceberg and that there was so much more the company was doing than what they talked about online.  Since I joined, we’ve developed and now run our own non-profit organization, Mansfield Cares, and the company pays for every employee to volunteer at a non-profit one day a year. 

How does Mansfield Energy convey to employees a sense of belonging?
One of the primary ways that Mansfield conveys a sense of belonging is through transparent communication. Executives and the CEO of the company, send out a weekday morning message to the whole company that conveys what has been going on in the business, what is on their mind, words of encouragement, and/or words of wisdom.  In addition, the company hosts quarterly meetings with the entire company where they are transparent about the financials of the company, sales wins, where there is opportunity, and recognize employees for having a Servant Heart in one of our core principles.  I’ve always been amazed at how good Mansfield is at recognizing good work, efforts, and accomplishments  We do a lot of impactful work here and leadership, management, and your peers are really good at recognizing you for it (as well as making sure your manager is aware).  We also encourage all of our departments to take time to have fun as a team and celebrate their successes together, so they will get together a few times a year to bond and have a great time at the lake, for a volunteer day, a day at Top Golf, and many other events. 

In what ways has Mansfield Energy supported your professional development and growth?
Mansfield is all about learning and development and they put a lot of money back into the company to support that.  The company actually has every single department budget for training and development for their staff every single year and this is used to cover people for attending conferences, webinars, and other opportunities.  Mansfield also offers up to $5,000 in Tuition Reimbursement per year and the classes/program of study doesn’t have to be degree-granting.  It can be used to obtain certifications or to just take one class or prep classes for certifications.  We also have a Scholarship program where we award five $2,000 scholarships each year to employees or their dependent children.  In addition, we run a Mentorship Program, A top Talent Program, and a High Potential Program all geared towards developing people for future leadership opportunities. 

In what ways are you supported in maintaining a healthy work-life balance?
The company offers a hybrid work environment once training has been completed, wherein you are able to work from home twice a week, yet still get to be in the office to bond and collaborate with your team and others in the company three days a week.  One of the things I like to advise people on is about how they are personally in control of their work-life balance.  Not just at Mansfield, but at any employer.  You have to speak up when things get overwhelming, or if you can’t take on anymore.  You have to tell your manager.  If you don’t, they will just think everything is okay and keep giving you more work.  Also, your behavior and actions are what set some of the expectations when it comes to work-life balance.  If you answer your phone on the weekend or late at night for a work-related call, then it becomes an expectation that you are available at those times.  This is not to say that you won’t be expected to go above and beyond for your job, and that the occasional late night of work might happen, but you set the expectation of what is the norm in this regard. 

How do you know that you’re making a difference/having an impact with the work that you do?
A lot of the work we do at Mansfield is very impactful and it is very easy to see the effect you are having on the company and its customers on a daily basis.  We literally keep a lot of Fortune 500 companies and government entities running by providing them with their fuel.  In my role, I see my impact every time I see someone that I hired get recognized for great work, or gets promoted.  My impact is hiring about 80% of the people who keep Mansfield running daily. 

What makes you proud to represent Mansfield Energy?
I am so proud to work for and represent Mansfield and feel so fortunate to be a part of this company.  I see the amazing things we do for our community through our non-profit organization, Mansfield Cares, and can’t help but feel proud.  Working in HR, I am privy to some of what goes on behind the scenes and I am humbled by how I’ve seen this company take care of its employees that are in need.  When other companies are struggling, having layoffs, or furloughs, I know I am fortunate to work for a company that has so much stability and such a great reputation. 

In what ways do you feel like you’ve grown since working for Mansfield Energy?
There seems to always be food being served somewhere in the building, so I’ve definitely grown in width.  On a serious note though, I have had a lot of personal growth.  I’ve come to be very adaptable to change.  Mansfield is always innovating and changing and you have to learn to go with the flow and help them avoid any potholes along the way with any advice or knowledge you possess.  I’ve really learned to be more flexible in regards to processes, allowing for that gray area when the business needs to move quickly.  I’ve also grown to be more of a partner to our business leaders, figuring out ways to help them best achieve their goals in an efficient way, while still staying between the necessary guardrails. 

What do you wish you had known about the professional world when you were a student?
I wish I had known that you are responsible for your own path, your own growth, and your own balance.  If you have future plans, share that with your manager and ask for their support in getting there.  Ask for additional training, ask for feedback, and speak up when you see an opportunity you are interested in.  If you’re overwhelmed, tell your manager.  You are the only person who is fully responsible for looking after you. 

In thinking about emerging young professionals, what advice would you share to those seeking their first opportunities?
Do something you are passionate about – it is the only surefire way to finding success and happiness at work. 

Ask a lot of questions – continue to always be in a learning frame of mind so you never get stagnant. 

Your reputation proceeds you – whether good or bad, you develop a reputation at your company.  Make sure it is a good one or you likely won’t be promotable. 

Find a company you are proud to work for – it contributes largely to your happiness and satisfaction. 

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