Q & A with Aldi

This blog post has been updated by Megan Elrath, Career Consultant on May 9, 2024 for relevancy, inclusivity, and formatting. Please note that some of the information is specific to 2016 and may be outdated.

In 2016, we interviewed one of our Employer Partners, ALDI, to gain the inside scoop as to what type of candidate they are looking for and hear their best tips on how to prepare for the career fairs.

1. What would you like UGA students to know about ALDI?

If UGA students are ready for the responsibility of running your own growing business without the risk of putting up personal capital, Aldi is the place for you to begin your career. With over 1,500 stores throughout the US, Aldi is expanding at a rapid rate and needs capable young professionals to take it to newer heights. Though there is a great amount of responsibility, Aldi rewards those willing to put in the hard work. There’s no other job opportunity at the Career and Internship Fair that provides the responsibility and rewards that Aldi has to offer. 

2. What does an internship with ALDI look like?

An internship with Aldi provides a glimpse into the operation of not only a single unit store, but also a multi-unit district. Ten weeks are devoted to learning the ins and outs of running a district with Aldi concluding with an opportunity to pitch your suggestions for improving the way we operate our business.  

3. What common roles are UGA graduates obtaining with ALDI?

Aldi is looking for motivated professionals to fill their District Manager role. Yes, this is not an entry level position; we are looking for someone to accept the challenge and step into middle management right after graduation.

4. What skills and qualities are necessary to succeed at ALDI?

In order to be a District Manager at Aldi, you first need to have a business degree and maintain a 3.0 GPA throughout your time at UGA. To succeed at Aldi, you will need to have excellent communication skills, be assertive with your actions, and be very organized with your time and responsibilities. 

5. What’s the culture like at ALDI?

Our culture at Aldi is very people-focused. We understand that people are the key to our success, whether we are talking about our loyal customers that are the reason we exist, or our employees who work diligently to provide value for customers and their families. 

6. Will ALDI be at the UGA Career & Internship Fair?

Yes we will. We will have a table set up with some of our District Managers ready to speak with students about our opportunities and accept resumes. 

7. How can a UGA student or alumni best prepare to meet employers at the UGA Career & Internship Fair?

My first recommendation is to be yourself. Be comfortable with who you are and what you’re looking for. You will stand out in front of any employer if you are comfortable and confident in yourself. Second, come prepared. Do your research about our company and understand what we do. Furthermore, dress in attire that represents the type of job you want. For most employers, business professional makes you stand out from your peers.  

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