Thomas & Hutton: A Career Conversation with Stephan Jean

What motivated you to join Thomas & Hutton?
After earning my degree in civil engineering from The University of Georgia, finding a company that would support my growth and development throughout my career was important. During the interview process at Thomas & Hutton, they communicated that if I put my best foot forward, they would be willing to provide the tools and resources needed to help me be successful. Two years into my role as a designer at Thomas & Hutton, I am still confident in my choice.

How does Thomas & Hutton convey to employees a sense of belonging?
Thomas & Hutton’s culture cultivates meaningful relationships among employees. It is constantly communicated to employees how their contributions translate into the organization's success by celebrating individual and team milestones. 

In what ways has Thomas & Hutton supported your professional development and growth?
Thomas & Hutton’s support for my professional development and growth is evident in the work I am assigned and trust with responsibilities deemed significant. My contributions and efforts are often acknowledged, and I receive constructive feedback as needed, which helps me discover opportunities for improvement.

In what ways are you supported in maintaining a healthy work-life balance?
A robust wellness program that encourages and rewards employees for engaging in activities that contribute to physical, mental, and financial well-being exemplifies Thomas & Hutton’s dedication to employee work-life balance.

How do you know that you’re making a difference/having an impact with the work that you do?
The best part of being an engineer is seeing my designs implemented in the real world. Whether it’s a major roadway or something as simple as a sidewalk, I know the community will utilize the results of my efforts.

What makes you proud to represent Thomas & Hutton?
Community involvement. Giving back is one of the core values of T&H, whether that be through a fundraiser for a local non-profit or physical service activity, I take pride in working for an organization that genuinely cares about its community and helping those in need.

In what ways do you feel like you’ve grown since working for Thomas & Hutton?
Working at Thomas & Hutton presents the opportunity to work on complex challenges. Every day there are chances to put my best foot forward to overcome obstacles. This has made me more resilient and helped me develop a step-by-step approach to navigate tough design challenges to get the outcomes I desire.

What do you wish you had known about the professional world when you were a student?
I wish I could have known the time it takes to start your career, it’s a marathon, not a sprint, and my experience as a student contributes to that. It might be tempting to celebrate the end of a particularly difficult class and move on, but the big picture is most important.

In thinking about emerging young professionals, what advice would you share to those seeking their first opportunities?
Opportunities don't just fall in your lap, you must actively seek them and pursue those opportunities to achieve your goals.

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