Getting Started with the Pre-Health Student Resources eLC Modules

Regardless of whether you are a in your first semester in your first year here at UGA or you are preparing to graduate, if you are planning to apply to pre-health professional programs such as medical schools, dental schools, nursing programs, or allied health schools you will want to complete our Pre-Health Student Resources eLC Modules. Each module is designed to prepare you for your application or reapplication cycle. If you are just getting started and need help planning, exploring healthcare careers, and building experiences, there are several modules just for you. If you are preparing for a gap/growth year or reapplication, there are modules designed to help you to make the most of your time and experiences. Our modules are organized to help you with the entire admissions process from developing your application materials to practicing for interviews. You can quickly and easily self-enroll in these modules by: 

  • Logging into eLC 
  • Click on the Discover tab from your homepage 
  • Select Pre-Health Student Resources eLC modules and enroll in course 

What you can expect to gain from the modules

Below you can find a quick overview of each of the current modules in eLC to learn more about what you will learn and gain by completing these modules. While the modules are not intended to replace appointments with your Career Consultant and Pre-Professional Advisors, they are designed to help you be better prepared and to make the most of your appointment time.  

Explore Careers in Healthcare

There are tons of wonderful and fulfilling career opportunities within healthcare. It can be difficult to decide which path is the best fit for you. In this module, we provide resources and suggestions for narrowing down your healthcare career options.  

Gaining Pre-Professional Experiences

Most Pre-Health tracks will require some amount of shadowing and/or clinical hours in order to be a competitive applicant. In this module we differentiate between shadowing and clinical hours and provide you with resources for gaining these important experiences. You can also find templates to log your hours.  

Finding Job and Internship Opportunities

Jobs and internships can be helpful additions to your pre-health resume. Additionally, these are great options if you are considering taking a gap year and want to gain professional experience.  


A resume will be a requirement for your application process and crafting a strong resume is incredibly important. This module will help you prepare your own resume that you can then take to get feedback on.  

Personal Statements

Personal statements are one of the most important and often one of the most challenging parts of the application. This module will provide you with tips and resources for writing a strong and compelling personal statement. Be sure to get your personal statement reviewed once you have a draft!  


After you have submitted your applications, it is time to prepare for the interview phase of the admissions process. In this module you will learn about different interview types and questions, how to prepare for interviews, and how to develop best practices for interviewing. You will also learn how to schedule a mock interview to practice what you have learned and gain feedback.  

Gap/Growth Years

Taking a gap, or more applicable growth year is exceedingly common. There are an infinite number of ways to utilize a growth year. This module will help you decide if a growth year is right for you and explore ways to make the most of your time. It also discusses resources for reapplying if needed.