When you are at a crossroad, it can help to talk with your Alumni Career Counselors, Bethany Mills and Laura Sims, located in the Atlanta Alumni Center in Buckhead.  Alumni have access to FREE career counseling, and appointments are available Monday-Friday between 8am-4pm.

Topics can include: : Resume/Cover Letter Critique, Mock Interview, Career Exploration, Job Search Strategies, Interest/Personality Assessments, Networking, LinkedIn and Social Media Engagement, and additional career-related topics.

If you have graduated within the past two years, you can schedule an appointment in Athens by calling the UGA Career Center at (706) 542-3375.

If you are a recent graduate (alumni who have graduated within the last five years), please make an appointment with Laura Sims at the Atlanta Alumni Center.

If you are an alumni who graduated more than five years ago, please make an appointment with Bethany Mills at the Atlanta Alumni Center.


We are now allowing alumni to book appointments online through Handshake with their career counselors, Bethany Mills and Laura Sims. If you have not yet registered with Handshake, please click here.

Follow these steps when you request an appointment through Handshake:

  1. Make sure that the class level indicates “alumni” in your account profile.
  2. Hover over the Career Center tab at the top right side of the page. Then click on Appointments.

    Alumni Handshake instructions

  3. Click Schedule A New Appointment.
  4. Under “Choose a Category”, click ...
    a) Recent Graduates (within 5 years) if you are an alumni who graduated within the last five years​​​​​​
    b) Alumni if you are an alumni who graduated more than five years ago​.

    Alumni Handshake instructions

  5. Under the "Appointment Type”,
    a) For Alumni, choose Alumni-Career Counseling & Coaching
    b) For Recent Graduates, choose Recent Graduates (within 5 years)
  6. For the "Appointment Medium", choose either the Face to Face (Atlanta Alumni Center) or the Phone (Atlanta Alumni Center).

    Alumni Handshake instructions

  7. In the "What can we help you with?" box, please include the following information:
    a. Phone number
    b. Current email
    c. Major and class year
    d. General notes about your current situation (Example: I am currently in the job search process looking for counseling positions in the metro Atlanta area and would love help in creating better strategies. I have been in the job search for 3 months now and have only had one interview with no offers. I look forward to meeting with you!)

  8. Complete the mandatory survey so that we can best help with your career needs.
  9. Once your appointment is approved, you are able to make comments/ask questions in the "comments" box in the appointment window.

Should you have any issues with the system, do not hesitate to reach out to Bethany Mills, Director of Alumni Career Services, at bjbagley@uga.edu or by phone at (404) 814-8820.

Parking directions for the Atlanta Alumni Center (located at 3475 Lenox Rd. NE; Atlanta, GA):

A parking deck is located directly behind the building off of Kingsboro Rd. The 4th level of the parking deck gives you access to the main building- there will be a bridge walkway into the building. Once inside the building lobby, take the elevator to the 8th floor. You will see the Atlanta Alumni Center on the door once you get off the elevator, with a receptionist to greet you as you walk in.

We do not validate parking, and it costs approximately $5/hour to park in the parking deck.