How do I apply for the Intern For A Day Opportunity at UGA?

Applying for the Intern For A Day is a very simple process. You just need to follow the steps listed below. You must attend an orientation session below in order to apply to the program.

Overview of the Intern For A Day Application Process
One of the key features of The University of Georgia Career Center’s Intern For A Day program is its flexibility both for students and employers. Fall semester visits occur from mid-October through the first week of January. Spring semester visits will occur any time late February through the end of May. Students will attend an orientation session and submit their applications and resumes via e-mail. A Career Center Selection Committee will collect student applications and match students with interested host organizations based on mutual career interests and availability.

How do I participate?

Attend a mandatory information session: We will discuss the application process, the employer participants, and benefits of the program. In addition, you will sign a waiver to participate in the program. Information sessions will be offered on the following dates:

Information Session Dates
RSVP to the Handshake event by logging in at

  • September 26 - 4pm until 5pm - MLC, Room 150
  • September 27 - 4pm until 5pm - MLC, Room 150
  • October 1 - 4pm until 5pm - MLC, Room 150

Apply on Handshake at The Deadline will be Tuesday, October 2nd at 11:59pm.

  • The Fall 2018 Employer List will be available here on September 24th 

  • The Intern for a Day application will available here for download on September 24th 

    DO NOT apply until you have attended an information session. If you have participated in the program in the past, you do not need to attend the information session, simply apply before the deadline.

OK, I applied ... What Next?

If you are chosen to Intern For A Day, you will receive an e-mail from the Career Center which provides you with your assigned host organization and contact information. You are responsible for contacting your host organization to arrange a time and date to conduct your visit! Choose a time and date which is convenient for both you and your host organization. Fall semester visits occur from mid-October through the first week of January. Spring semester visits will occur any time late February through the end of May. Don’t forget to inquire about dress and ask for directions!

Research the Organization!
Research the organization prior to your visit! A guide for researching employers may be found at the following address:

Prepare a list of Questions
Arrive prepared to ask questions throughout the day or set aside some time for an informational interview with the individuals you shadow. A comprehensive list of questions can be found here:

What if I am not chosen?
Intern For A Day opportunities are in limited supply, so there is a chance that you may not be selected. However, the Career Center is here to help you develop a strategy by which you set up your own Intern For A Day opportunity. Feel free to contact your Career Consultant at (706) 542-3375 to discuss setting up an Intern For A Day or informational interviewing opportunity within your area of interest.

What do I do after my Intern For A Day?
Within 1 week after participating in your Intern For A Day opportunity, you should prepare and send a 'Thank You Note.' This is an essential part of business/work place etiquette. In addition, you will want to complete our Intern For A Day evaluation (the evaluation will be sent via email) to provide feedback for us on the Intern For A Day experience. Finally, you will want to reconcile this opportunity with your future career plans. Do you want to do another Intern For A Day? What kind of insights did you learn about an internship or even a full-time job search? Remember, Intern For A Day opportunities are designed to give you a head start on your career.